Bicycling and the Law

Your Rights as a Cyclist

Bob Mionske, JD

Many of America’s nine million avid cyclists are confronted every year with confusing questions about traffic law, cyclist harassment, product liability, theft, and insurance contracts. Bicycling and the Law is designed to be the primary resource for cyclists to consult when faced with a legal question. It provides readers with the knowledge to avoid many legal problems in the first place, and informs them of their rights, their responsibilities, and what steps they can take if they do encounter a legal problem.

According to recent statistics compiled by the League of American Bicyclists, more than 9 million Americans describe themselves as “active cyclists”—weekend riders, off-road riders, commuters, and amateur or professional athletes. All cyclists face the daily hazards of commuting in traffic, overenthusiastic dogs, road hazards, traffic codes, harassment, road rage, bicycle theft, group rides, and property damage. This book is for them.

Bob Mionske makes the law both entertaining and understandable to the non-lawyer, while presenting an accurate and thorough explanation of the laws governing bicycles and the activity of bicycling. Bicycling and the Law will be a definitive resource answering legal questions and the only book of its kind on the market.

Paperback with illustrations throughout.
5 1/4″ x 9 1/4″, 384 pp., $18.95, 9781931382991

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Praise for this book 

We’ve all been out on a ride, minding our own business, when a boneheaded driver has yelled at us to ”get the hell off the road.”. Throw the book at such cretins: Bicycling & the Law by Bob Mionske, J.D., is a thorough and useful compendium of everything you need to know about your rights as a rider, from insurance to dealing with the police to what you can do about a cabbie who cuts you off.—Steve Madden, Bicycling Magazine
Now cyclists everywhere can use Bicycling & the Law as a resource for protecting their own right to the road.—Lance Armstrong
This book should be read, digested, and practiced by cyclists and motorists alike. It should be a part of driver education and bicycle safety programs. Bicycling & the Law has one further, rare quality: it is eminently—and delightfully—readable.—Rep. James L. Oberstar (MN), Chairman, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
Cycling can be a tough job, whether you’re riding to work or training for a race. Bob Mionske sets the record straight on cyclists’ rights. If you love to ride, you should know what’s in this book.—George Hincapie, Discovery Channel Cycling Team
Bob Mionske’s superb Bicycling & the Law has filled a critical gap on our bookshelf, synthesizing essential information on the legal rights and responsibilities of cyclists into a coherent, comprehensive, and engaging volume. Anyone who rides a bicycle in the United States, whether commuter, roadie, tourist, messenger, or joy rider, should have a copy of this book at hand. It works beautifully as both a reference and a very readable narrative—pick it up anytime for fascinating tales of bicycle code and culture, and zoom in on the specifics and particulars as you need them.—Andy Thornley, Program Director, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Knowing the rules is a key to safe bicycling. Bob Mionske sheds light on our complex legal system and arms bicyclists with the knowledge to make smart decisions to protect their rights.—Dan Grunig, Executive Director, Bicycle Colorado
Big gains require real effort, and Bob Mionske has done the heavy lifting for all cyclists. Bicycling & the Law is a huge step forward for our rights on the road. In fact, everyone who rides should have a copy of this book.—Chris Carmichael, Carmichael Training Systems
Bob Mionske’s book should be a must read for all cyclists to educate and inform them on their rights and responsibilities. We all hope that accidents won’t happen to us, but common sense, common courtesy, and safe riding procedures are things we should all understand and follow. Cyclists should never leave the house without a rain jacket, a frame pump, a spare tire, and basic knowledge of this book.—Bobby Julich, Olympic medalist, Team CSC cycling team
Bicycling & the Law will promote cycling as a fun and affordable means of transportation and help create healthier, more livable cities. Mionske sets a positive example for both cyclists and drivers on how to share the road.— Dorcas Adkins, Director of Education Programs, Washington Area Bicyclist Association
What an exciting book to read for all cyclists. The information here will only enhance your riding as you will be aware of your rights as a legal road user. It is a must read.—Bill Lazenby, Co-President, Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists
Anyone who has ever spent much time riding on the road knows how vulnerable it can feel to be a cyclist sharing the roads with cars, SUV’s and trucks. This book is a fantastic resource to arm cyclists with basic information that will both educate and empower them.—Brad Tucker,
A comprehensive and up-to-date guide to virtually all aspects of the legal system as they affect bicycling. Although directed at cyclists, this volume is also an important reference for law enforcement officers, attorneys, and judges.—Bicycle Transportation Institute
Everyone from the serious cyclist to the person thinking about dusting off the long-neglected bike in the garage will benefit from reading this book. Cycling instructors, avid riders, beginning cyclists, bike messengers, parents concerned about the perceived dangers of cycling for their children, those who are charged with providing suitable accommodations for cyclists, those charged with protecting the rights of cyclists, should at least scan Mionske’s book.—Bob Chauncey, PhD, National Center for Bicycling & Walking
Bicycling & the Law is an approachable book, easy to understand. It is filled with plenty of real-world examples and humorous anecdotes.”