Eric’s Big Day

A Bicycle Race Unlike Any Other

Rod Waters

It’s a big day for Eric, the day of the bike race. His knapsack packed, Eric rides to Emily’s for a picnic near the finish. But what’s that splashing in the river? A very wet bike racer! Who’s that sobbing by the street sign? A lost rider!

Eric pauses to aid wayward bike racers, with useful items from his knapsack, but will he be late to see the finish? The cheers of a crowd surprise Eric, but where oh where is Emily?

Eric’s Big Day is a colorful adventure on wheels for children 4-8, full of fun and authentic cycling flavor. You and your kids will enjoy this lighthearted tale of a boy who helps others and finds himself a winner, all while simply meeting a friend for a picnic.

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For children ages 4-8.
Hardcover with color illustrations.
10″ x 7 ¾”, 28 pp., $14.95, 9781937715236

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Praise for this book 

Eric’s Big Day is a sweet and lovely little storybook by London-based writer and illustrator Rod Waters…[It’s] the perfect children’s picture book for bike-crazed kids and parents — as well as those “normal” folks who just want a good story with glorious illustrations.

Experience Life magazine

The art is cute, simple and evocative…The combination of bicycles and values I believe in makes this book a big winner.

Red Kite Prayer

As passionate cyclists we tend to influence our kids at an early age and it appears that the father of fictional young Eric must have greatly inspired him. Eric’s Great Day is a beautifully written and drawn children’s book by Brit Rod Waters that should delight any parent and even folks who do not even have kids. Meant for kids 4-8, our 2 ½-year old twins enjoyed this hardcover book very much and wanted Mama and Papa to read it to them over and over. Plus one of our boys quickly hopped on his bike post reading and raced around the living room on it. He did however not take flowers and a backpack on his ride.

A children’s book you can buy at a bike shop? Yep. My kids love this beautifully illustrated, whimsical read for kids about a boy’s adventure as he’s drawn into a bike race.

Julia Beeson Polloreno, Editor-in-Chief, Triathlete magazine

When Emily invites Eric to watch a bike race in her town, he grabs his supplies (spare tires, first-aid kit, balloon, etc.) and flowers for his friend and leaps on his cycle. Meanwhile, Emily packs a picnic lunch and waits . . . and waits. Eric has stopped along the way to help a series of racing cyclists in distress. Not wanting to be late, he speeds down the homestretch to Emily, flower petals streaming behind him. Never mind, a grand bouquet awaits him at the winner’s platform. First published in France, this winsome picture book has vitality, careful pacing, and an unexpected twist near the end. Children will enjoy watching the capable boy help inept adult cyclists with his can-do attitude and his trusty supplies, and they’ll root for a happy ending for him and for Emily. Created by an English writer-illustrator-cyclist, the story holds together well, but the beautifully drawn, spare ink drawings, tinted with restrained watercolor washes, really make this picture book stand out.

Booklist of the American Library Association

This is a sweet story about helping strangers in need. Waters’s experiences as a cyclist lend an air of authenticity to the racing scenes. The quirky watercolor illustrations are reminiscent of Quentin Blake’s work and complement the clearly written text nicely.

School Library Journal