20 Great Stages from the Modern Tour de France

Richard Moore

What if all the best Tour stages happened in one race? In his new book Étape, critically acclaimed author Richard Moore weaves first-person interviews with cycling’s great riders to assemble a “dream team” of the best Tour de France stages in modern history.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the Tour’s legends and scoundrels about their best-ever day on the bike (and their most heartbreaking defeats), Moore’s book unravels lingering mysteries and recounts strange tales from 20 great stages of the Tour including: LeMond’s impossible return from near-death, Schleck’s primal scream atop the Galibier, Merckx’s self-described toughest Tour, Cav’s mind-bending victory in Aubenas, Hinault’s hellish battle with Fignon.

Étape assembles the greatest days of modern Tour history into a Tour de France of incredible victory, glorious failure, shocking revelation, and beautiful memories. In the words of those who were there, Étape recreates each day vividly and reveals the beauty and the madness of cycling’s greatest race.

Includes recent interviews with Lance Armstrong, Jean-François Bernard, Chris Boardman, Mark Cavendish, Claudio Chiappucci, Laurent Fignon, Andy Hampsten, Luis Herrera, Bernard Hinault, Jörg Jaksche, Bobby Julich, Greg LeMond, Frans Maassen, Freddy Maertens, Iban Mayo, Eddy Merckx, David Millar, Wilfried Nelissen, Joël Pelier, Stephen Roche, Andy Schleck, Marc Sergeant, José Luis Viejo, Urs Zimmermann, and others.

Paperback with b&w photographs throughout.
6″ x 9″, 336 pp., $18.95, 9781937715304

Enjoy previews of all 20 Stages featured in Étape at, beginning July 5.

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Chapter 1: The Outsider | Chris Boardman, 1994
Chapter 2: Beware of the Badger | Bernard Hinault, 1980
Chapter 3: The Bulldog | Wilfried Nelissen, 1994
Chapter 4: The Sculptor | Joel Pelier, 1989
Chapter 5: The Boy with Fire in His Eyes | Mark Cavendish, 2009
Chapter 6: For Fabio | Lance Armstrong, 1995
Chapter 7: Dutch Cold War | Marc Sargeant, Frans Maassen, 1992
Chapter 8: Trilogy | Eddy Merckx, 1971
Chapter 9: Guerrilla Warfare | Luis Herrera, Bernard Hinault, Laurent Fignon, 1984
Chapter 10: Anarchy | Stephen Roche, Jean-Francois Bernard, Andy Hampsten, 1987
Chapter 11: The Devil |Claudio Chiappucci, 1992
Chapter 12: Shock and Awe | Bobby Julich, Jorg Jaksche, Marco Pantani, Jan Ullrich, 1998
Chapter 13: What About Zimmy? | Urs Zimmermann, 1991
Chapter 14: The Unknown Warrior | Jose Luis Viejo, 1976
Chapter 15: Champagne Freddy | Freddy Maertens, 1981
Chapter 16: Honor Among Thieves | Lance Armstrong, Iban Mayo, 2003
Chapter 17: Untold Stories | Mark Cavendish, Bernhard Eisel, David Millar, 2010
Chapter 18: Playstation Cycling | Andy Schleck, 2011
Chapter 19: Redemption | David Millar, 2012
Chapter 20: La Resurrection | Greg LeMond, 1989

Praise for this book 

All [the Tour’s] complexity and more is dealt with by Richard Moore in Étape¸ which offers a tour through the Tour de France through individual stages from 17 editions of the grande boucle ranging from 1971 through to 2012. It’s almost like a Tour mix-tape, a collection of greatest hits, album tracks, and B-sides, some of which you are already familiar with, some of which you will be hearing for the first time.

Podium Café

Richard Moore is his own secret weapon…[He] is incontestably one of the finest published sports writers of our time… Étape is his finest hour. There will be a great number of books about the Tour de France published in the next month, but if your appetite for yellow extends to only one, make it this one.

The Washing Machine Post

A preview ride of the most crucial stages in history with award-winning sportswriter Richard Moore…The dramatic controversies and courageous victories prove why the Tour is the world’s most iconic bike race.

Triathlete magazine

Étape, then, is – like the Tour de France itself – complicated and that complexity is actually the hidden central narrative of the book. And, because of the way Moore handles that complexity, even seasoned fans of the sport may find themselves reaching the end of Étape and thinking of the Tour in a different light.

Podium Café