Coach Joe Friel is the most trusted name in endurance sports coaching, and his Cyclist’s Training Bible is the most comprehensive and reliable training resource ever written for cyclists. This new edition of the bestselling book includes all of the latest advances in training and technology. Using this book, cyclists can create a comprehensive, self-coached training plan that is both scientifically proven and shaped around their personal goals.

Friel empowers athletes with every detail they need to consider when planning a season, lining up a week of workouts, or preparing to race. This fourth edition includes extensive revisions on the specifics of how to train and what to eat.

Friel explains how cyclists can:

  • best gauge intensity with power meters and other new training technology to maximize form and fitness and reduce fatigue;
  • more knowledgeably and accurately make changes to their annual training plan over the course of a season;
  • dramatically build muscular endurance with strength training;
  • improve body composition and recovery with smarter nutrition.

With more case studies to draw from and multiple contingency plans for those times when training doesn’t progress as planned, The Cyclist’s Training Bible continues to be the definitive guide to optimal cycling performance.

Paperback. 2-color interior with charts, tables, and illustrations throughout.
8 1/2″ x 11″, 352 pp., $24.95, 9781934030202

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Foreword by Tudor O. Bompa, PhD
Prologue to the Fourth Edition

Part I The Self-Trained Cyclist

Chapter 1: Commitment
Attributes of Champions

Chapter 2: Smart Training
Systematic Training
The Ten Commandments of Training

Part II From Lab to Road

Chapter 3: The Science of Training
Physiology and Fitness
Training Stress
Principles of Training

Chapter 4: Intensity
Measuring Intensity
Race-Fit Systems
Multisystem Training
Training Time by Intensity Zone
Measuring Fitness
Fatigue, Fitness, and Form

Part III Training with a Purpose

Chapter 5: Testing
Physical Assessment
Performance Assessment
Applying Test Results

Chapter 6: Racing Abilities
Basic Racing Abilities
Advanced Racing Abilities
Meeting the Demands of Racing
Training of Abilities
Ability Regions

Part IV Planning

Chapter 7: Planning to Race
Training Systems
Training Periods
Periodization Alternatives

Chapter 8: The Training Year
The Annual Training Plan
Changing the Annual Training Plan

Chapter 9: Planning Workouts
Annual Plan Workout Categories
Weekly Training by Period
Weekly Routines

Chapter 10: Stage Race Training
Crash Cycles
The Training Plan
The Race Plan

Chapter 11: Case Studies
Case Study 1: Single-Peak Season
Case Study 2: Lots of Time and Limiters
Case Study 3: Three Race Peaks
Case Study 4: Summer Base Training
Case Study 5: New to Training with Power
Case Study 6: The Aging Athlete

Part V Other Aspects of Training

Chapter 12: Strength
Strength Training Benefits
Getting Started
Strength Training Phases
Seasonal Periodization of Strength Training
Determining Load
Miscellaneous Guidelines
Undulating Periodization of Strength Training
Strength Exercises
Complex Training

Chapter 13: Stretching
Benefits of Stretching
Stretching Models
Cycling Stretches

Chapter 14: Unique Needs

Chapter 15: Using a Training Diary
Planning with a Diary

Chapter 16: Fuel
Food as Fuel
Eating for Recovery
Periodization of Diet
Body Weight Management
Antioxidant Supplements
Ergogenic Aids

Chapter 17: Problems
Risk and Reward

Chapter 18: Recovery
The Need for Recovery
Recovery Periodization
Recovery Time
Recovery Phases
Active Recovery
Recovery in the Real World

Appendix A: Maximum Weight Chart
Appendix B: Annual Training Plan Template
Appendix C: Workout Menu
Appendix D: Race Evaluation Form, Season Results Form, Diary Pages
References and Recommended Reading
About the Author

 Praise for this book

”Joe Friel is arguably the most experienced personal cycling coach in the U.S., and his book The Cyclist’s Training Bible has become, well… the Bible of the sport.” — Bicycling magazine

”I find Friel’s book a treasure of information for cyclists of all levels.” — Andy Hampsten, 1988 Giro d’Italia winner, 1992 Tour de France stage winner at Alpe d’Huez

”This book will have you systematically training just as world-class cyclists do. If you scrupulously follow its guidelines, I’m confident your racing performance will dramatically improve.” — Tudor Bompa, PhD

”Nothing else comes close to The Cyclist’s Training Bible’s comprehensive approach to planning out a season, creating a training schedule and incorporating diet and resistance training to an overall plan.” —

”Packed with worksheets, charts, visuals and a dense index and references for further reading, The Cyclist’s Training Bible is an arsenal of encyclopedic information for ambitious riders.” —

The Cyclist’s Training Bible has become a cyclist’s best chance at achieving their goals. This is the ultimate manual for growth as a cyclist.” —

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