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About the Swim Speed Series Drill Videos

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Check out this index of the Swim Speed Drill Videos.

The Top 10 Swim Speed Secrets (Excerpts, Tips, Tricks, Drills, and Workouts)

SwimSpeed_600x315_Top10 SSS

We've checked the stats and these are YOUR Top 10 favorite Swim Speed stories, tips, excerpts, and drills from Sheila's books. Take a look: maybe you missed one!

Ariana Kukors’s Favorite Butterfly Drill: Vertical Dolphin Kick

Ariana's favorite drill for training a powerful, fast butterfly kick is “vertical dolphin kicking.” Watch her demonstrate this drill in this video.

Stroke Data Shows You How to Become a Faster Swimmer

SSST How to Time Freestyle Swimming Stroke Rate Cadence Swim Speed Secrets

There is a valuable tool in swimming that lets you know if you are directing your energy the right way and holding water as you ratchet up the speed. It is called stroke data.

Aaron Peirsol’s Favorite Backstroke Drill: Scull and Pull

One of Aaron Peirsol’s favorite drills is the “scull and pull,” which is designed to help a swimmer feel for the catch from the extended straight-arm entry. Watch him demonstrate this drill in this video.

The Curvilinear Path Is Not an Illusion

SSST SwimSpeedStrokes_ButterflyCurvilinearPath_600px

The curvilinear path in elite swimming is not an illusion caused by body rotation or elbow flexion. It’s undeniably present in the world’s fastest swimmers.

Vladimir Morozov’s Straight-Arm Freestyle Swimming Technique Underwater Photographs

SSST VladimirMorozov_straight-arm_freestyle_swimming_technique

Vladimir Morozov swims freestyle uses a straight-arm technique. See an underwater photo of his stroke from Swim Speed Strokes.

Peter Vanderkaay’s Favorite Freestyle Drill: Catch-Up

Swim Speed Strokes by Sheila Taormina

Watch Peter Vanderkaay demonstrate the Catch-Up Drill in this video based on Swim Speed Strokes.

Let’s Talk About the S Pull in Swimming

Elizabeth Beisel demonstrates the S Curve in freestyle swimming.

Because of the feedback we’ve gotten on Facebook, I will offer a short explanation of what I mean by “S-pull” and how all elite swimmers today show it in their stroke.

Why Do All Elite Swimmers Use a Curvilinear Stroke Pattern?


After getting many comments about this post on Facebook, Sheila Taormina has written a response that more fully explains the S pull in swimming in this new post: Let's Talk About the S Pull in Swimming.

Laura Sogar’s Favorite Breaststroke Drill: Breast Arms, Flutter Kick

Swim Speed Strokes by Sheila Taormina SSST

Watch elite swimmer Laura Sogar demonstrate her favorite breaststroke drill in this video.

What is “feel for the water”? Sheila Taormina explains.

AaronPeirsol_backstroke_800 SSST

The best swimmers in the world are masters at feeling the water. But what does that mean? Sheila Taormina explains.

Lift vs. Drag: Which Matters Most to Swimming Speed?

Swim Speed Strokes SSST_600x315_pullout

Sheila Taormina explores the contributions that lift and drag make to the underwater pull in all four swimming strokes.

Roll Call! Who Are the Elite Swimmers Featured in Swim Speed Strokes?

Swim Speed Strokes by Sheila Taormina

Alright, let’s get something straight. Sheila Taormina has one heck of a Rolodex. Get to know the elite swimmers whose technique is examined in Swim Speed Strokes.

Which Arm Is Swimming Which Stroke? A Quiz for Swimmers and Triathletes

Swim Speed Strokes stroke quiz 800pw SSST

Can you tell which arm is swimming which stroke? Take this quiz!

How do you do a push-up in the water? Try a Press-Out Drill.

SwimSpeedVideo_PressOut SSS

The Press-Out Drill is an easy way to get in some quick upper body and core strength training in the middle of any swim workout. Watch Sheila Taormina demonstrate in this video.

Swim Tubing Drills and the Freestyle Diagonal Phase

Swim Speed Workouts diagonal phase of freestyle swimming stroke SSW

In this video, Sheila demonstrates how to drill the diagonal phase using swim tubing.

No More Sloppy Off the Wall! How to Perfect Your Freestyle Streamline

Swim Speed Secrets underwater photos of Olympic swimmers

Even triathletes need to work on their streamline to improve their hydrodynamics but also to improve their upper arm and shoulder flexibility and mobility for a more effective reach phase of the stroke.

The Swimmer’s Secret Weapon: Tubing Drills

Swim Speed Videos on YouTube SwimSpeed_videos_slide_800x500 SSS SSW SSST

Just as regular dryland strength training can turbocharge your swimming, spending just 3-5 minutes after every workout with effective swim tubing drills can make you rock-solid strong.

The Single Best Swimming Drill: The Freestyle One-Arm Drill

SwimSpeedVideo_One-Arm Drill SSS

Possibly the most valuable drill in any swimmer's regular practice is the freestyle one-arm drill. Watch Sheila Taormina demonstrate.

How to Do a Freestyle Swimming Sculling Drill

SwimSpeedVideo_Sculling SSS

The freestyle swimming sculling drill is a great drill to improve feel for the water and forearm strength.

Timing the Finish in Serape Swimming

Which direction is the hip drive in serape swimming? Does the hip drive upward or forward? And when: before or after EVF (the catch)? Sheila answers.

Swim Speed Workouts: Hand Entry Drill Video

SwimSpeedVideo_HandEntry SSW

The Hand-Entry Drill helps swimmers feel the water from the moment their hand enters the water. The Hand-Entry Drill also improves the high-elbow catch.

Swim Speed Workouts: Finish Drill Video #2

Swim Speed Workouts Finish Drill Video SSW

The Finish Drill trains the pitch and forward thrust of the finish phase of the underwater pull. Since this drill is done underwater, it also builds lung capacity.

Swim Speed Workouts: Recovery or Out-of-Water or Over Water Drill Video

Swim Speed Workouts Recovery Drill video SSW

The recovery drill teaches swimmers how to properly lift their arms from the water after the finish. A good recovery helps load the muscles with tension for the serape core drive.

Swim Speed Workouts: An Introduction to Swimming Butterfly

Swim Speed Workouts Sheila Taormina introduction to butterfly SSW

For athletes going all the way with Swim Speed Workouts, Sheila introduces the basic motions of the butterfly swimming stroke.

Swim Speed Workouts: 50 Free Press-Out Drill

Swim Speed Workouts 50 Free Press-Out Drill Video SSW

Press-Outs build the upper body, shoulder, and upper back muscle strength required for the high-elbow underwater stroke. You can think of them like push-ups for swimmers.

Swim Speed Workouts: Finish Drill

Swim Speed Workouts Finish Drill Video #2 SSW

The Finish Drill helps swimmers focus on the last part of the underwater stroke, the finish phase. Sheila Taormina describes an ideal finish in her book Swim Speed Workouts.

Swim Speed Workouts: Streamline Kick on Back Drill Video

Swim Speed Workouts Streamline Kick on Back Drill Video SSW

The Streamline Kick on Back is three drills in one. You'll get immediate feedback on the streamline of your body. You'll build your core muscles. And you'll strengthen your kick.

Swim Speed Workouts: Dog-Paddle Drill Video

Swim Speed Workouts Dog Paddle Drill Video SSW

The Dog Paddle Drill strengthens your core and upper body while also improving some aspects of streamline and feel for the water. It also looks kind of hilarious.

Swim Speed Workouts: Serape Kicking Drill Video

Swim Speed Workouts Serape Kicking Drill Video SSW

In this video, David Morgan demonstrates the proper positioning for the Serape Kicking Drill.

Swim Speed Workouts: Standing Scull Drill or Tornado Drill with Peter Vanderkaay

Swim Speed Workouts Standing Scull or Tornado Drill Video SSW

Finally, watch Olympic swimmer and multiple medalist Peter Vanderkaay demonstrate his own tornado.

Swim Speed Workouts: Freestyle Flutter Kick Drill Video

Swim Speed Workouts Freestyle Flutter Kick with Kickboard Drill Video SSW

This video is a simple demonstration of good freestyle flutter kicking technique using a kickboard. If you are prone to cramping during kick sets, take a look at this video and at these tips from Sheila Taormina on how to avoid kick set cramping.

Swim Speed Workouts: Tarzan Drill with Peter Vanderkaay

Swim Speed Workouts Tarzan Drill Video SSW

The Tarzan Drill has been a mainstay in swim programs around the world for decades because it builds upper body strength, stroke power, a faster turnover, and core muscles.

Sculling: The Most Important Drill for Developing Your Feel for the Water

Swim Speed Secrets underwater vortices

Sculling is the most important drill for swimmers.

How a Tornado Can Help You Develop a Better Feel for the Water

Swim Speed Workouts Standing Scull or Tornado Drill Video SSW

The Tornado Drill can help you develop a better feel for the water.

How to Shoot Great Underwater Swimming Photos

Swim Speed Strokes SSST_600x315_pullout

Professional photographer Daniel J. Smith offers his tips for shooting great underwater swimming technique photos.

Swim Speed Secrets: Recovery Drill

Swim Speed Secrets Recovery Drill Video SSS

The recovery drill teaches swimmers how to properly lift their arms from the water after the finish.

Swim Speed Secrets: Streamline Drill

Swim Speed Secrets Streamline Drill Video SSS

Learn how to properly streamline underwater and you can improve your hydrodynamics and also improve your upper arm and shoulder flexibility and mobility for a more effective reach phase of the stroke.

Swim Speed Secrets Drill: Halo Bench Tubing Drills

Swim Speed Secrets Halo Tubing and Halo Bench Drill Video

Sheila demonstrates how to use Halo swim tubing on a Halo bench in this video below.

Swim Speed Secrets: Press-Out Drill

Swim Speed Secrets Press-Out Drill Video SSS

Sheila Taormina's favorite swimming drill is the Press-Out Drill because it builds crazy strength for the underwater pull.

Swim Speed Secrets Drill: Catch-Up Drill

Swim Speed Secrets Catch-Up Drill Video SSS

Swim Speed Secrets Drill: Catch-Up Drill

Swim Speed Secrets Drill: One-Arm Pull with Kickboard

Swim Speed Secrets One-Arm Pull with Kickboard Drill Video SSS

The One-Arm Pull with Kickboard is a variation on the One-Arm Drill that some swimmers find easier. Swimming with one arm at a time immediately reveals uneven strokes.

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