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About the Swim Speed Series Drill Videos

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Check out this index of the Swim Speed Drill Videos.

The Top 10 Swim Speed Secrets (Excerpts, Tips, Tricks, Drills, and Workouts)

SwimSpeed_600x315_Top10 SSS

We've checked the stats and these are YOUR Top 10 favorite Swim Speed stories, tips, excerpts, and drills from Sheila's books. Take a look: maybe you missed one!

The Curvilinear Path Is Not an Illusion

SSST SwimSpeedStrokes_ButterflyCurvilinearPath_600px

The curvilinear path in elite swimming is not an illusion caused by body rotation or elbow flexion. It’s undeniably present in the world’s fastest swimmers.

Roll Call! Who Are the Elite Swimmers Featured in Swim Speed Strokes?

Swim Speed Strokes by Sheila Taormina

Alright, let’s get something straight. Sheila Taormina has one heck of a Rolodex. Get to know the elite swimmers whose technique is examined in Swim Speed Strokes.

The Swimming Equation: How to Think About Freestyle Swim Stroke Rate

A reader sent in a question recently about stroke rate. He noticed that his stroke rate had fallen after beginning the Swim Speed Workouts training program, resulting in fewer strokes per length.

Proper Freestyle Swimming Arm Extension vs. Gliding

Swim Speed Secrets straight-arm underwater pull

A reader on the Swim Speed Secrets Facebook page made a point recently, "I know there is a fine line between gliding and extension. Could you explain further?" Sheila obliges.

Ideal Off-Season Crosstraining: Become a Faster Swimmer

Elizabeth Beisel demonstrates the S Curve in freestyle swimming.

Consider swimming as your best crosstraining for triathlon, running, and cycling this fall and winter.

Stay Dry During Your Next Swim Workout with a Swim Tubing-Only Workout

Halo swim tubing

A reader on Facebook asked Sheila Taormina to write a tubing-only drill for use during a business trip.

When to Start Swim Speed Workouts

SSW Start Chart

When should you start the Swim Speed Workouts program? Check our handy Swim Speed Workouts Start Chart, provided as a courtesy to help you plan your next PR.

When Does Freestyle Arm Extension Become Gliding?

Swim Speed Secrets straight-arm underwater pull

A Swim Speed reader asks, "How long is too long to hold your arm out in front?" When does arm extension become gliding? Sheila Taormina answers.

How to Find Your Swimming Cadence or Stroke Rate

SSST How to Time Freestyle Swimming Stroke Rate Cadence Swim Speed Secrets

You need to know your swimming stroke rate. If you don't, there's a good chance you're leaving speed in the water.

Science Proves that Technique Is the Most Important Factor in Fast Swimming

The book FASTER: Demystifying the Science of Triathlon Speed by scientist and triathlete Jim Gourley confirms a fact we already know: technique is the most important part of fast swimming.

The Swim Speed Workouts Maintenance Program

photo of Swim Speed Workouts for Swimmers and Triathletes SSW

Keep your hard-earned swim fitness and tune your technique into tip-top shape with these workouts selected from the Swim Speed Workouts Program.

When “Training” Becomes “Straining,” It’s Time to Take a Break with a Swimming Recovery Week

When all you swim is long, slow distance, you don’t need time off to recover from swim workouts. But the Swim Speed Workouts program is more challenging, which means swimmers might have weeks when they should back off from swim training and let their bodies rest and recover.

Swim Speed Workouts: An Introduction to Swimming Butterfly

Swim Speed Workouts Sheila Taormina introduction to butterfly SSW

For athletes going all the way with Swim Speed Workouts, Sheila introduces the basic motions of the butterfly swimming stroke.

How Should I Modify Swim Speed Workouts for Longer Yardage?

How to incorporate Swim Speed Workouts into Ironman® swim training.

How to Fix Leg Cramps During Swimming Kick Sets

Swim Speed Secrets kick sets SSS_kicking_600pw

Swim Speed Workouts Test Team member Chad L. wrote in last week after a long freestyle kick set to ask swim coach and 4-time Olympian Sheila Taormina what he could do to stop getting leg cramps. Sheila gave this advice for avoiding cramps during kick sets.

Paddles and Pull Buoys: Useful Swimming Tools or Crutches?

Should swimmers use pull buoys and swim paddles? Are swim paddles and pull buoys useful swimming tools for faster swim speed?

How to Start Swimming with a High-Elbow Catch

SSS freestyle catch

A reader asks, "What's the starting position for my shoulder, upper arm, and elbow to set the high-elbow catch?" Sheila Taormina explains.

The Swimming Equation: Why Gliding Makes Swimmers Slower

Swim Speed Secrets straight-arm underwater pull

Gliding makes you a slower swimmer. See why in this post on the Swimming Equation.

How Swim Tubing Can Make You a Faster Swimmer

Halo swim tubing

Sheila demonstrates how to use Halo swim tubing in this video below.

How to Shoot Great Underwater Swimming Photos

Swim Speed Strokes SSST_600x315_pullout

Professional photographer Daniel J. Smith offers his tips for shooting great underwater swimming technique photos.

Anyone Can Develop a Feel for the Water

Sheila talks about how anyone can develop feel for the water.

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