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Aaron Peirsol’s Favorite Backstroke Drill: Scull and Pull

One of Aaron Peirsol’s favorite drills is the “scull and pull,” which is designed to help a swimmer feel for the catch from the extended straight-arm entry. Watch him demonstrate this drill in this video.

What is “feel for the water”? Sheila Taormina explains.

AaronPeirsol_backstroke_800 SSST

The best swimmers in the world are masters at feeling the water. But what does that mean? Sheila Taormina explains.

Lift vs. Drag: Which Matters Most to Swimming Speed?

Swim Speed Strokes SSST_600x315_pullout

Sheila Taormina explores the contributions that lift and drag make to the underwater pull in all four swimming strokes.

Sculling: The Most Important Drill for Developing Your Feel for the Water

Swim Speed Secrets underwater vortices

Sculling is the most important drill for swimmers.

How a Tornado Can Help You Develop a Better Feel for the Water

Swim Speed Workouts Standing Scull or Tornado Drill Video SSW

The Tornado Drill can help you develop a better feel for the water.

Anyone Can Develop a Feel for the Water

Sheila talks about how anyone can develop feel for the water.

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