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The Swimming Equation: The Relationship Between Stroke Count and Stroke Rate

Elizabeth Beisel shows her elite swimming technique in Swim Speed Secrets

Reducing the number of strokes you take per pool length is only good if you are actually swimming faster, too... Sheila Taormina explains the relationship between DPS (distance per stroke) and stroke rate.

The Swimming Equation: Examples of Stroke Count and Stroke Rate

Swim Speed Secrets by Sheila Taormina

Check out an example of how swimmers take fewer strokes--and swim slower.

Stroke Data Shows You How to Become a Faster Swimmer

SSST How to Time Freestyle Swimming Stroke Rate Cadence Swim Speed Secrets

There is a valuable tool in swimming that lets you know if you are directing your energy the right way and holding water as you ratchet up the speed. It is called stroke data.

Help! My Swim Stroke Count Is Falling! Is That Okay?

A reader sent in a question recently about stroke rate. He noticed that his stroke rate had fallen after beginning the Swim Speed Workouts training program, resulting in fewer strokes per length.

Distance per Stroke vs. Swim Stroke Rate: How to Find Your Swimming Cadence

SSST How to Time Freestyle Swimming Stroke Rate Cadence Swim Speed Secrets

You need to know your swimming stroke rate. If you don't, there's a good chance you're leaving speed in the water.

Freestyle Swimming Core Strength: Timing, Rhythm, and Momentum

SSS freestyle catch

Your swimming tempo or stroke rate is as important as stroke count. A swimmer must strive to lower either of the two numbers without adversely affecting the over-all equation. Sheila discusses how timing can enable improvements in your swimming equation.

Freestyle Swimming Core Strength: Driving from the Hips

SSS Allison Schmidt hip

In her book Swim Speed Workouts, 4-time Olympian Sheila Taormina describes a key concept for developing your fastest freestyle, the Serape Core Drive.

What’s the Difference Between Streamlining and Gliding?

Swim Speed Secrets straight-arm underwater pull

A reader Larry has asked this insightful question: "If I am reading your book right, you seem to think the idea of streamlining is something that has somehow been misinterpreted by the masses." Sheila responds.

When Does Freestyle Arm Extension Become Gliding?

Swim Speed Secrets straight-arm underwater pull

A Swim Speed reader asks, "How long is too long to hold your arm out in front?" When does arm extension become gliding? Sheila Taormina answers.

Why Gliding Makes Swimmers Slower

Swim Speed Secrets straight-arm underwater pull

Gliding makes you a slower swimmer. See why in this post on the Swimming Equation.

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