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Racing with the Legends

In this video, Sheila Taormina, 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, triathlon world champion, and triathlon hall of famer, talks about racing Michellie Jones, Joanna Zeiger, Leanda Cave, Barb Lindquist, Emma Snowsill, Laura Bennett and how they raised the level of competition in women's triathlon.

Selling Your House for Your Sport

When Sheila Taormina decided to try to make history by qualifying for the Olympics in a third sport, she -- like many Olympians -- had to make big sacrifices to follow her dream.

5 Great Sports that Go Great Together

What's up with the Olympic sport of modern pentathlon?

What It’s Like to Win an Olympic Gold Medal

Sheila Taormina Olympic gold medalist 200m free relay

What is it like to win an Olympic gold medal?

Racing Triathlon Worlds and the Olympics in the Same Year

Sheila Taormina talks about preparing for two career-making races in one season.

Why an Olympic Swimmer Took Up Triathlon

Why did Sheila Taormina become a triathlete?

On Dara Torres and Competing at Four Olympic Games

Sheila Taormina talks about her former teammate, 12-time Olympic medalist Dara Torres, and what it's like to have competed in four Olympic Games.

Qualifying for the Olympic Triathlon Team

Sheila Taormina Olympic gold medalist 200m free relay

In this interview, Sheila talks about her approach to qualifying for the U.S. Olympic triathlon team.

Sponsored by Detroit

Sheila talks about how she worked outside the Olympic system to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Warrior Games: Sheila Taormina on What It’s Like to Coach Marines

In this video, Shiela talks about the rewards of working with American veterans.

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