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Learn the Fastest Way to Swim: Try the First Two Weeks of Swim Speed Workouts FREE!

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Now you can try the first two weeks of Swim Speed Workouts free.

The Top 10 Swim Speed Secrets (Excerpts, Tips, Tricks, Drills, and Workouts)

SwimSpeed_600x315_Top10 SSS

We've checked the stats and these are YOUR Top 10 favorite Swim Speed stories, tips, excerpts, and drills from Sheila's books. Take a look: maybe you missed one!

Ideal Off-Season Crosstraining: Become a Faster Swimmer

Elizabeth Beisel demonstrates the S Curve in freestyle swimming.

Consider swimming as your best crosstraining for triathlon, running, and cycling this fall and winter.

Stay Dry During Your Next Swim Workout with a Swim Tubing-Only Workout

Halo swim tubing

A reader on Facebook asked Sheila Taormina to write a tubing-only drill for use during a business trip.

When to Start Swim Speed Workouts

SSW Start Chart

When should you start the Swim Speed Workouts program? Check our handy Swim Speed Workouts Start Chart, provided as a courtesy to help you plan your next PR.

The Swim Speed Workouts Maintenance Program

photo of Swim Speed Workouts for Swimmers and Triathletes SSW

Keep your hard-earned swim fitness and tune your technique into tip-top shape with these workouts selected from the Swim Speed Workouts Program.

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