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The Curvilinear Path Is Not an Illusion

SSST SwimSpeedStrokes_ButterflyCurvilinearPath_600px

The curvilinear path in elite swimming is not an illusion caused by body rotation or elbow flexion. It’s undeniably present in the world’s fastest swimmers.

Vladimir Morozov’s Straight-Arm Freestyle Swimming Technique Underwater Photographs

SSST VladimirMorozov_straight-arm_freestyle_swimming_technique

Vladimir Morozov swims freestyle uses a straight-arm technique. See an underwater photo of his stroke from Swim Speed Strokes.

Let’s Talk About the S Pull in Swimming

Elizabeth Beisel demonstrates the S Curve in freestyle swimming.

Because of the feedback we’ve gotten on Facebook, I will offer a short explanation of what I mean by “S-pull” and how all elite swimmers today show it in their stroke.

Why Do All Elite Swimmers Use a Curvilinear Stroke Pattern?


After getting many comments about this post on Facebook, Sheila Taormina has written a response that more fully explains the S pull in swimming in this new post: Let's Talk About the S Pull in Swimming.

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