4-Time Olympic Swimmer Shares Four New Swim Speed Secrets of the World’s Fastest Swimmers

Swim Speed Secrets by Sheila Taormina

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Swim Speed Secrets by Sheila TaorminaBoulder, CO, USA — May 23, 2018 — Sheila Taormina’s Swim Speed Secrets is America’s best-selling guide to faster swimming because it so clearly breaks down elite swimming technique into simple steps any swimmer or triathlete can master. In her new edition, the 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, and triathlon world champion reveals four important new discoveries for faster swimming. Swim Speed Secrets, 2nd Ed. is now available in bookstores, swim and tri shops, and online. See preview content on freestyle swimming, stroke count, and drills at swimspeedsecrets.com.

Drawing from her own exemplary racing career and decades of hands-on coaching experience, Taormina has found that the world’s fastest swimmers share two common swim techniques: high stroke rate and a powerful, high-elbow underwater pull. Slower swimmers and triathletes often neglect the underwater pull, distracted by low stroke count or perfecting less critical details like body position, streamlining, and roll. Swim Speed Secrets,2nd Ed. focuses on the most crucial elements for faster swimming to help swimmers and triathletes overhaul their swim stroke and find the speed that’s been eluding them.

The second edition of Swim Speed Secrets reveals 4 completely new speed secrets, new drills, and an all-new chapter. Taormina’s essential guide is vital for America’s booming population of swimmers, triathletes, and swimming coaches:

  • Undeniable, real-world visual proof of the curvilinear, or S-curve, stroke path in elite swimmer strokes using Taormina’s new, patent-pending STGRID™ analysis tool.
  • New refinements of the stroke path, stroke timing, hand speed change, and over-water recovery.
  • A new, simplified guide to stroke rate and “swimming gears” to guide every swimming workout.
  • New drills to cultivate a sensitive, faster, and more effective feel for the water.
  • New elite swimmers: step-by-step breakdowns of the strokes of the world’s fastest swimmers, including Peter Vanderkaay, Allison Schmitt, Jack Conger, Margaret Kelly, Townley Haas, and more.

Sheila Taormina’s Swim Speed Secrets blows up the old myths that have held swimmers back. Her best-selling Swim Speed Series—including Swim Speed Secrets, Swim Speed Strokes, and Swim Speed Workouts—brings the focus back where it belongs: to a powerful freestyle swim stroke. With Taormina’s method, triathletes and swimmers can stop swimming for survival and break through to new levels of swimming speed and confidence in the water.

Sheila Taormina is one of a handful of athletes who have competed in four Olympic games and the only woman in the world to have competed in three distinctly different sports—swimming, triathlon, and modern pentathlon. At the unswimmerlike height of just 5′ 2″, Taormina refined her exceptional freestyle swim technique to win a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics and the 2004 ITU triathlon world championship. For 15 years, Taormina has coached elite and age-group swimmers and triathletes to develop the strong underwater pull that propelled her to such athletic success in her racing career. Taormina conducts dozens of swim clinics around the world each year. For more information, please visit sheilat.com.

Swim Speed Secrets, 2nd Ed.: Master the Freestyle Technique Used by the World’s Fastest Swimmers
Sheila Taormina
Paperback with full-color interior and photographs throughout.
7″ x 9″, 208 pp., $21.95, 9781937715816

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