5 Favorite Fall Snacks from Feed Zone Portables

Feed Zone Portables recipe Spiced Pumpkin Cakes by Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim FZP

In his introduction to Feed Zone Portables, Dr. Allen Lim offers up a useful tip for how to eat in hot and cold weather:

If the weather is hot, get most of your calories from a sports drink to help prevent dehydration. If it’s cold, stay hydrated, but get most of your calories from real foods.

He explains how the body reacts to cold weather in this post “Exercising in the Cold of Winter” on the Skratch Labs blog.

So as we enter the heart of autumn, you’ll fuel your workouts and racing better if you make real foods from Feed Zone Portables more than you did last summer.

5 Favorite Autumn Recipes from Feed Zone Portables

  1. Spiced Pumpkin Cakes p. 163
  2. Cinnamon Apple Rice Cakes p. 93
  3. Golden Beet and Chicken Pot Pie p. 133
  4. Apple Pie Two-Bite p. 139
  5. Mushroom & Swiss Frittata p. 106

In the Feed Zone, the menu has changed and no one can argue with the results: real food is better. Real food tastes better, digests quickly, and helps you perform at your best.

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