American Pro: Dreaming Big

American Pro by Jamie Smith AMP rider 1200x630

Some teams have humble beginnings. In this first chapter of Jamie Smith’s book on domestic bike racing, find out how one small team got its start.

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American Pro: The Red Army Marches On

American Pro by Jamie Smith AMP group smiles photo 800x530

Race tactics, low salaries, sponsorship pressure, and a chance to race at Worlds. The highs and lows of a small bike racing team play out in this chapter from American Pro.

American Pro: The Friends and Family Plan

American Pro by Jamie Smith AMP stars 1200x630

A cycling team is made up of more than just the riders. Read this excerpt to learn who else contributes to the community, health, and sanity of a bike racing team.

American Pro

American Pro by Jamie Smith

American Pro lays bare the heart and soul of a struggling sport—and shares what’s wrong and what’s right with American bike racing.

What Is a Criterium Race?

Roadie by Jamie Smith and Jef Mallett

Criterium racing is the most popular and most common format of bike racing in the U.S. Get your primer on how to watch them and how they are raced!


ROAD_72dpi_400x600_stroke Roadie

Roadie is a light-hearted exploration of the world of road cycling, bike racing, and the people who love it.