What Are the Best Tour de France Stages?

Richard Moore Etape: 20 Great Stages from the Modern Tour de France book cover

Cycling journalist Richard Moore asks, “What are the most memorable Tour de France stages of all time?”, and poses the 20 stages he thinks earn the mark. Includes excerpts from all 20 stages.

Stage 19, Redemption: David Millar in the 2012 Tour de France

Etape by Richard Moore tour de france stages 2012 David Millar Redemption

We had two and a half weeks to go,” says David Millar, reflecting on the situation he and his team, Garmin- Sharp, found themselves in, just one week into the 2012 Tour. “So we had to pull our heads out of our arses and find a new way of racing.”

How the Tour de France Has Changed

Discovery News Tour de France 100 Richard Moore

Before the Tour de France this summer, Discovery News posted an interesting story featuring Tour de France 100: How the Tour de France Has Changed.