A Barefoot Runner Explores CrossFit

In this recent interview, TJ Murphy speaks with a prominent member of the barefoot running movement about CrossFit for runners.

Here’s a list of topics and their time marks during the interview:

0:00 What is Crossfit? What are the distinctive things about it?
3:23 The problematic notion of functional fitness
6:46 Why has Crossfit gotten so popular?
8:46 A key to health: positive reinforcement experiences
11:16 Crossfit and injuries — do they go together?
18:06 Irrational attachments to fitness methods
18:30 TJ’s personal story — a broken athlete mended
22:34 Competition and camaraderie
26:14 On returning to running
28:47 Crossfit lacking as endurance training?
30:53 Is there a soft side to Crossfit?

T.J. Murphy is a veteran journalist, CrossFitter, and author of the upcoming book Inside the Box: How CrossFit® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body. Inside the Box is now available in your local bookstore, CrossFit gym, and from these online retailers. Please order Inside the Box today.Inside the Box a book about CrossFit by T.J. Murphy ITB 72dpi 400x600

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