About the Swim Speed Series Drill Videos

Sheila Taormina explains how to do the most effective swimming drills in her books Swim Speed Secrets, Swim Speed Workouts, and Swim Speed Strokes.

The videos on this website are provided as a visual aid for readers who are using Sheila’s Swim Speed Series of books. When practiced with focus with the guidance of Sheila’s Swim Speed program, these drills will develop the world’s fastest swimming technique in you.

Feel welcome to try these videos to learn new drills, but know that the videos are no substitute for the books. Using these drill videos in isolation is a little like having ingredients without a recipe.

Sheila’s Swim Speed books explain the technical goal of each drill, when to use them (in workouts and throughout the season), how to incorporate the drills into workouts, and why these drills are critical to improving your swimming stroke and speed.


Swim Speed Videos on YouTube SwimSpeed_videos_slide_800x500 SSS SSW SSST

Ready? You can watch each drill on this Swim Speed Series page, on this YouTube playlist, or you can use the Swim Speed Drill Video Index below to find a specific swimming drill:

Swim Tubing and Strength Drills

Stroke Drills

Feel for the Water Drills

Kicking Drills

Serape Swimming Drills

Other Drills

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