Ageless Strength Balance Exercise: Flutter Kicks

Ageless Strength Balance Exercise Flutter Kicks Level 2

The following exercise comes from Jeff Horowitz‘s new book Ageless Strength: Strong and Fit for a Lifetime, which combines balance, strength, and functional exercises to help athletes of any age combat the effects of aging and reach their best fitness.

Balance exercises increase your ability to control your body in space and keep it from falling, both in static positions and as you move. Perform the following exercise on both sides of the body, and take note of the primary and secondary muscles being worked.


This exercise primarily challenges the hip flexor muscles, but also engages a wide range of supportive and stabilizing muscles.

Ageless Strength Balance Exercise Flutter Kicks muscles



Level 1

While balancing on your tailbone, stretch your legs out straight in front of you and lean back on your forearms. Alternate swinging each leg up and down, as if swimming. Keep your legs off the floor throughout the movement. Let your legs rest between sets if necessary. Fluttering your right leg and left leg up and down one time each constitutes 1 rep.

Ageless Strength Balance Exercise Flutter Kicks Level 1

Level 2

Perform exercise as described, but hold your hands straight out in front of you or behind your head (as shown below).

Ageless Strength Balance Exercise Flutter Kicks Level 2

Level 3

Perform the exercise while holding light dumbbells straight out to your sides. This engages your deltoid muscles.

Ageless Strength is for those who are ready to get back into shape—and into the best shape of their lives. Using a dynamic mix of over 50 simple exercises, Ageless Strength builds sustainable fitness for a lifetime of active pursuits.