Announcing a new power partner: SHFT is pleased to announce a new partnership with SHFT, a manufacturer of a power-based wearable device that is designed to help runners improve their technique and run more efficiently and with fewer injuries.

Beginning this spring while supplies last, runners who purchase a SHFT will receive a free copy of Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running by Jim Vance.

SHFT power meterFor the past three years, SHFT has been working on creating the world’s most intelligent virtual running coach. SHFT is here to help runners worldwide reduce the risk of injury while improving their running technique and energy consumption. This is done by eliminating unnecessary and inappropriate movements in the running pattern and instead focus on how every body movement can be more efficient, contributing to the maximum propulsion possible.

SHFT’s ambition is to give every runner the possibility to gain access to his or her very own private running coach on a daily basis.
The complex combination of intelligent hardware and sophisticated software represents in its simplicity a unique digital running coach whose sole purpose is to turn you into the best version of yourself.
The system consists of two pods – one placed on the chest, the other on the right shoe – that in combination collects your individual running data.

SHFT pod SHFT measures Running Metrics to evaluate and track your development, and to check that you are on target to reach a more efficient running style. SHFT will then real-time coach you depending on your performance across the different Running Metrics.

RUN WITH POWER is the groundbreaking guide you need to tap the true potential of your running power meter like SHFTStryd, or RPM2. From 5K to ultramarathon, a power meter can make you faster—but only if you know how to use it. Just viewing your numbers is not enough; you can only become a faster, stronger, more efficient runner when you know what your key numbers mean for your workouts, races, and your season-long training. In Run with Power, TrainingBible coach Jim Vance offers the comprehensive guide you need to find the speed you want.

Run with Power by Jim VanceRun with Power is available now from your local bookstore, tri or running shop, and from these online retailers:
Coach Jim Vance
Limited offers: Get Run with Power FREE with purchase of a SHFT, RPM2, or Stryd power meter while supplies last.

Also available wherever books are sold:
Barnes & Noble
local bookstores


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  1. Hi, I have recently ordered s stryd from newline fitness here in the UK and then by chance came upon this post. Is the free book offer something only available to those who buy in the states?

  2. Apologies, that is new running gear website that I ordered if from

  3. We believe Stryd is still offering the book free with purchase from

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