Ariana Kukors’s Favorite Butterfly Drill: Vertical Dolphin Kick

Swim Speed Strokes by Sheila Taormina
Ariana Kukors is one of the elite swimmers whose technique is examined in Swim Speed Strokes.

Ariana Kukors is the world-record holder in the 200-meter IM (long-course meters). She is a U.S. Olympian and world champion and was named American Swimmer of the Year in 2009 by Swimming World Magazine.

Ariana’s favorite drill for training a powerful, fast butterfly kick is “vertical dolphin kicking.”

Ariana, like the powerful dolphin kicker Doug Reynolds, uses her entire body in the kicking action, not just her legs.

There are two degrees of difficulty for this drill: arms bent at 90 degrees or arms upright in the streamline position.

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