Dr. John Mandrola is a cardiac electrophysiologist and an active cyclist who had atrial fibrillation.

He works in a private cardiology practice where he specializes in heart rhythm disorders. He is Chief Cardiology Correspondent for Medscape, the leading online resource for physicians and healthcare professionals seeking medical news and expert perspectives. He is a also a regular columnist for theHeart.org and VeloNews magazine. He completed his medical training in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Electrophysiology at Indiana University. His wife is a hospice and palliative care specialist and together they have two children and a grandchild. In his free time, Mandrola was a criterium racer who retired from racing after suffering two concussions during bike races.

Books by Dr. John Mandrola

The Haywire Heart paperback by Lennard Zinn, Dr. John Mandrola, and Chris Case HHP 800x1200
The Haywire Heart by Lennard Zinn, Dr. John Mandrola, and Chris Case

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