Erin Taylor is a yoga coach and founder of Jasyoga, a revolutionary approach to yoga for athletes. She shared her approach with athletes in her first book Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes.

As a collegiate basketball player, she thought yoga was boring at first, time that could be better spent on the court or in the weight room. It wasn’t until she was sidelined by a spinal injury from overtraining that she discovered that there is a path of less resistance. Yoga was the “Reset” that helped her to bring things back into balance.

Erin founded Jasyoga with the goal of providing practical yoga solutions to as many people as possible. Over the last decade, she has infused meditation, functional anatomy, and physical therapy techniques into her practice, and speaks in a language that athletes can hear. Now accessible anytime, anywhere via her online via platform, with operations in Seattle and London, Erin’s approach has been widely embraced by athletes ranging from recreational to elite over the last decade, and can be configured to help anyone achieve their goals.

Erin is sponsored by Oiselle and is a regular contributor to popular health and fitness blogs and publications. In addition to privately coaching sports teams and athletes, she hosts popular teacher trainings and yoga for athletes certification programs.

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