Patrick O’Grady

Patrick O'Grady is a beloved satirist of the sport and industry of cycling.

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Tom Rodgers

Tom Rodgers is a USAT certified triathlon coach and former NASA physiologist.

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Wes Hobson

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Wes Hobson is a triathlon coach and has competed in over 220 triathlons.

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T.J. Murphy

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T.J. Murphy is a veteran journalist, endurance athlete, and CrossFitter.

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Simon Burney

Simon Burney is a professional cyclocross team manager.

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Scott Tinley

Scott Tinley, was one of the defining figures of the growing sport of triathlon in the 1970s and 1980s.


Ron LeMaster

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Ron LeMaster is a ski instructor and ski racing coach.

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Pip Taylor

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Pip Taylor, APD, is a certified sports nutritionist, accredited dietitian, and professional triathlete.

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Owen Mulholland

Owen Mulholland has been cycling’s scribe and storyteller for more than thirty years.

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Michael J. Ross, MD

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Dr. Ross is a board certified sports medicine physician and cycling coach.

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Michael Barry

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Michael Barry is a professional cyclist for Team Sky.

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Luke Humphrey

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Luke Humphrey is head coach of Hansons Coaching Services and a member of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project.

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Lynda Wallenfels

After dedicating herself to professional coaching, Lynda Wallenfels obtained certification as both a USA Triathlon Level II coach and a USA Cycling expert coach.


Kristen Dieffenbach

Kristen Dieffenbach is an is an elite-level USA Cycling certified coach.

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Ken Mierke

Ken Mierke created Evolution Running, a system of teaching techniques for efficient, injury free running.

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John Wilcockson

John Wilcockson

John Wilcockson has reported the Tour de France for more than forty years.

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Terri Schneider

Terri Schneider is a former professional triathlete and one of the top female multisport endurance athlete in the world.

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