Graham Watson

Graham Watson is cycling's preeminent photographer.

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Gordo Byrn

Gordo Byrn is a long-distance triathlon coach, triathlete, and adventure racer.

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Geoff Drake

Geoff Drake is the former editor of Bicycling Magazine and VeloNews, and has covered cycling events worldwide including the Tour de France and Olympic Games.

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Gale Bernhardt

Gale Bernhardt is a two-time Olympic coach and one of a few World Cup certified triathlon coaches.

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Danny Abshire

Longtime running form coach and injury expert Danny Abshire is cofounder of Newton Running, an innovative footwear company.

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Chris Carmichael

Chris Carmichael was an Olympian and a professional cyclist before beginning his career as a coach, best-selling author, and entrepreneur.

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Bobby McGee

Bobby McGee 96dpi 400x500

Bobby McGee is an internationally certified running and triathlon coach.

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Bob Roll

Bob Roll, aka "Bobke," is cycling's beloved gonzo character and Tour de France race announcer.

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Bob Mionske, JD

Bob Mionske is a two-time Olympian and cycling law attorney.

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Andy Pruitt, EdD

Andrew L. Pruitt, EdD, is an internationally-known athletic trainer, physician assistant, and educator.

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Andrew Coggan, PhD

Dr. Andrew Coggan is renowned in the endurance sports community for his research on power and exercise physiology.

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Sage Rountree

Sage Rountree yoga for athletes workshop

Sage Rountree is America's leading expert on yoga for athletes.

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Biju Thomas

Chef Biju Thomas FZT 1600px

Chef Biju Thomas is a professional chef known for light, simple dishes bursting with bold flavors.

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Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald is an acclaimed sports journalist, a certified sports nutritionist, and the author of numerous books on running, triathlon, nutrition, and weight loss.

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Adam Kelinson

Adam Kelinson is the founder of Organic Performance, a nutrition consulting company that reflects his experience as a professional chef, endurance athlete, and student of the relationship between nutrition and the environment.

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Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

Monique Ryan is the most experienced and highly qualified sports nutritionist in endurance sports.

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Sheila Taormina

Sheila Taormina

Sheila Taormina is a 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, triathlon world champion, and swimming coach.

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Jeff Horowitz

Jeff Horowitz headshot

Jeff Horowitz is a certified running coach and personal trainer.

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