Sally Edwards is a celebrated figure in the sport of triathlon. She was one of the first women to race the Ironman® and finished 16 Ironman races. She held the Ironman world masters record and helped to found USA Triathlon. Sally holds two masters degrees, has written over 20 books, co-founded Fleet Feet Sports, and founded the internationally franchised Heart Zones® fitness coaching company. Sally is the spokesperson and final finisher of the Danskin Women’s Triathlon Series.

Books by Sally Edwards

Triathlons for Women TFW4 72dpi_400x600
HZC_72dpi_400x500_stroke Heart Zones Cycling
MN2_72dpi_400pw_stroke The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists, 2nd Ed.
HRM Mon Heart Rate Monitor Workbook 72dpi_600ph