Beer Hiking Is Colorado’s New Favorite Sport

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Why Hike Colorado?

Colorado sits at the epicenter of outdoor exploration in our country. Its mountains burst out of the western flanks of America’s flat heartland, giving rise to an exceptional variety of landscapes over the course of just a few hundred miles—14,000-foot peaks that seem to kiss the sky, lush pine forests, glaciers, Sahara-like sand dunes, canyons rivaling the majesty of the Grand Canyon, rushing rivers, desert rocks and tribal ruins from ancient cliff-dwelling tribes, stands of aspen trees that light up in fiery hues every fall.

If there’s anywhere that offers a front seat to the craft beer revolution well underway here in America, it’s the state of Colorado. It ranks top in the nation in terms of gross beer production, and currently has more than 400 breweries, with new ones opening up all the time.

Many are situated near (or even at!) trailheads that serve as gateways to the mountains. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, many are owned by outdoor enthusiasts. Their beers are named for peaks and trails and river rapids; their taproom walls are decorated with skis and bicycles and kayak paddles. That iconic, uniquely Coloradoan sense of adventure is baked into every brew.

And, let’s be honest—at the end of a long hike in the Colorado sun, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as sipping a cold, fine beer.

This guidebook is your ticket to that simple pleasure, to the sublime undertaking of earning one’s ales with miles on the trails. Hikes range from short and sweet strolls in the woods to rugged peak-bagging missions in the high alpine. The beers span a broad range—juicy IPAs, decadent porters, malty lagers, nutty brown ales and plenty of experimental flavor combinations. (Chai milk stout, anyone? Check out Hideaway Park Brewery in Winter Park.)

Like Colorado’s topography itself, there truly is something for everyone.

Choose the Beer or the Hike

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Where in Colorado?

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Beer Hiking Colorado: The Most Refreshing Way to Discover Colorful Colorado by Yitka Winn pairs 50 craft breweries with 50 nearby trailheads so you can enjoy the best ales and trails Colorado has to offer.