Kicksology Shoe Gallery

Kicksology Brian Metzler KICKS New Balance Trackster 1200x630

In Kicksology, shoe-tester Brian Metzler tells the stories behind the most noteworthy shoes the running industry has seen.

Brian Metzler Kicksology Book Tour

Kicksology by Brian Metzler KICKS author book tour 1200x630

Sports journalist and shoe geek Brian Metzler is signing books and sharing stories from his new book Kicksology! Check out his tour dates and get your copy signed.

Smart Nutrition for Swimming

Sports Nutrition Handbook by Krzysztof Mizera and Justyna Mizera SNHAND green background 1080x1080

Smart swimming starts with a dialed-in nutrition plan. Here are some tips for better fueling from Sports Nutrition Handbook.

How to Win a Classic

How the Race Was Won by Peter Cossins HRW cover 1080x1080

Read this excerpt from Peter Cossins’s How the Race Was Won to learn how the best cyclists have mastered the Classics.