Hunter Allen Updates Training & Racing with a Power Meter

Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 3rd Ed. by Hunter Allen, Andy Coggan, PhD, and Stephen McGregor, PhD TRPM3_400x500

Boulder, CO, USA — April 17, 2019 —The new Training & Racing with a Power Meter, 3rd Ed., has been updated with the latest in power technology and power-based metrics. The definitive guide to power meters by Hunter Allen, Dr. Andy Coggan, and Dr. Stephen McGregor, has been overhauled and improved with cutting-edge power-based training techniques for […]

Sport Smoothies Has Easy & Fast Recipes for Athletes

Sport Smoothies by Fern Green

Boulder, CO, USA — April 12, 2019 — Smoothies are a simple, delicious way for athletes to get the nutrients they need. Sport Smoothies: More Than 65 Recipes to Boost Your Workouts & Recovery by Fern Green offers athletes a variety of smoothie recipes that pack in the nutrients, calories, and hydration essential to athletic performance. […]

Susan Lacke Explores the Fun of Running in One Year of Challenges

Running Outside the Comfort Zone by Susan Lacke

Boulder, CO, USA — March 27, 2019 — Running offers much more than just road races and marathons. In her new book, Running Outside the Comfort Zone: An Explorer’s Guide to the Edges of Running, sports columnist Susan Lacke pushes her boundaries by taking on the wackiest, most challenging, and out-there running events to explore […]

Find Your Power Phenotype with Power Profile Charts

Training & Racing with a Power Meter, 3rd Ed. by Hunter Allen, Dr. Andrew Coggan, Dr. Stephen McGregor TRPM3 pursuiter phenotype 800x500

Power coaching expert Hunter Allen shares how your power profile reveals your cycling phenotype—sprinter, pursuiter, all-rounder, time trialist. Take a look at these sample charts to see what the patterns mean.

Why Train with Power?

Training with power is a critical part of reaching the next level of performance. See why you should train with power.

Sport Smoothie Recipe: Coco Berry

Sport Smoothies by Fern Green SMOO Coco Berry bottle 800x1429

Try this delicious smoothie recipe from Sport Smoothies! It’s packed with vitamins and minerals and, of course, it’s hydrating.

Training Buddies Manifesto

Running Outside the Comfort Zone by Susan Lacke ROCZ Bay to Breakers 1200x630

The best running partners are hard to find but worth keeping when you do. If you think you’ve found your sole sister or brother, give this manifesto a try!

An Outlandish Essay: Smile Country

Outlandish by Morgan Sjogren OUT Morgan jeep bag 1080x1080

Running through the slot canyons of Utah is just one way Morgan Sjogren fuels her wild side. Go deep into the desert in this excerpt from Outlandish.