Bob Babbitt and San Diego Tri Club Host The Brave Athlete Tour Book Launch

Lesley Paterson San Diego Tri Club Babbittville BRAVE

Bob Babbitt and the Tri Club of San Diego hosted three-time world champion triathlete Lesley Paterson and her husband, sport psychology expert Dr. Simon Marshall, for the first event in their Brave Athlete Tour.

Babbitt reviewed how Lesley get her start in triathlon and her move to XTERRA, culminating in her first world championship win.

Lesley talked about some of the mental and motivational struggles she has faced and overcome.

Dr. Marshall explored the concept of the Chimp and the Professor and introduced the idea of a “Chimp Purge” as one of the ways anxious athletes can calm their nerves before a race or other high-pressure situation.

This 52-minute interview is fun, funny, and interesting. Take a look!

Take a look at The Brave Athlete book and see if Simon and Lesley will be near you during their Brave Athlete Tour.