At Speed

My Life in the Fast Lane

By Mark Cavendish


At Speed is the page-turning story of Mark Cavendish, cycling’s top sprinter and a living legend in the sport of bike racing.


Written off as “fat” and “useless” in his youth, Mark Cavendish has sprinted to the front of the Tour de France peloton to become cycling’s brightest star—and its most outspoken.

Following his debut book Boy Racer, Cavendish has truly come of age as one of the best cycling sprinters of all time.

In At Speed, the Manx Missile details what it took to become the winningest Tour sprinter ever, examines the plan that led to his world championship victory, reveals the personal toll of his sacrifice that helped teammate Bradley Wiggins become the UK’s first-ever Tour de France winner, and confesses his bitter disappointment at the London Olympic Games.

Screaming fights with teammates, rancorous contract negotiations, crushing disappointments—for Mark Cavendish, winning is always the cure. His book At Speed is the page-turning story of a living legend in the sport of cycling.

Enjoy an excerpt from At Speed on the VeloPress History of the Tour de France Page.

At Speed: My Life in the Fast Lane
Mark Cavendish
Paperback with color photosection.
6″ x 9″, 288 pp., $18.95, 9781937715045

At Speed: My Life in the Fast Lane

Mark Cavendish

Shipping Dimensions: 6.08in x 9.03in x 0.75in pp $18.95, Inventory 9781937715045, Shipping 1.00lbs


Chapter One: Dangerous Lines
Chapter Two: Five Stages
Chapter Three: Revised Ambitions
Chapter Four: An Extra Year
Chapter Five: High Hopes
Chapter Six: Green is the Color
Chapter Seven: Project Rainbow Jersey
Chapter Eight: Sky High
Chapter Nine: Change of Plans
Chapter Ten: Winning Clean
Chapter Eleven: A New Start


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There is, though, a lot in At Speed to make it a good book, a book about struggling with success, the difficulty of staying on top once you get there…At Speed is the more introspective, probably tells us more about Cavendish the professional, shows more of what really drives him to be as intense as he is. Boy Racer might be a more enjoyable read, but At Speed is more rewarding.

Podium Café

At Speed reveals every facet of the man known simply as ‘Cav’… Throughout the book you rarely feel that any of Cavendish’s views have been airbrushed or, conversely, built up to either avoid or deliberately provoke controversy. He offers honest insights which are simultaneously simplistic and yet original… Ultimately the joy of At Speed is the sense that, warts and all, this is the story of a rare sportsman.

Velo Voices

At Speed is a valuable book for anyone who is interested in an inside, detailed account of a top professional cyclist as he describes his take on his career and cycling.

U.S. Cycling Report

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