Base Building for Cyclists

A New Foundation for Endurance and Performance


Slow down to speed up. That’s the basis of this groundbreaking book for the base training period.


A cyclist needs to have a strong foundation and a high fitness ceiling before the season even starts. Fundamentals like strength training and skill development take a backseat once race preparation begins in earnest. This is just one of the reasons why Thomas Chapple argues that the success of the upcoming season depends on the extent to which you can build your foundation of aerobic fitness, or your “base,” for the road ahead.

Whatever your goals as a cyclist, early season training should focus on broadening the aerobic base and building cycling-specific strength and skills. In effect, this builds a bigger, more efficient engine to help you reach higher intensities later in the season. Chapple’s guide for cyclists extends beyond the vital pre-season months, establishing the strong foundation that leads to improved overall fitness and speed. A stronger base makes a stronger, faster, cyclist.

Base Building for Cyclists
Thomas Chapple
Paperback with tables and illustrations throughout
6″ x 9″, 320 pp., $18.95, 9781931382939

Base Building for Cyclists: A New Foundation for Endurance and Performance

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Foreword by Joe Friel

P a r t I T h e C y c l i s t ’ s E n g i n e
Chapter 1 Energy Sources
Chapter 2 Energy Delivery
Chapter 3 Weight and Health Management

P a r t I I D i a g n o s i n g t h e E n g i n e
Chapter 4 Fitness Assessment
Chapter 5 Training Zones
Chapter 6 Fitness Elements

P a r t I I I P l a n n i n g Y o u r T r a i n i n g Y e a r
Chapter 7 Measuring Training Load
Chapter 8 Training Plan
Chapter 9 Training Blocks
Chapter 10 Daily Training Log

P a r t I V B u i l di n g a S t r o n g e r E n g i n e
Chapter 11 Endurance
Chapter 12 Strength
Chapter 13 Efficiency
Chapter 14 Training the Mind for Competition
Chapter 15 Advanced Fitness Elements

Appendix A: Resources
Appendix B: Performance Testing Guidelines
Appendix C: Sample Base Training Plans

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
About the Author

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