The classic red edition of the Believe Training Journal is an undated year-long workbook, training log, and how-to manual by professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas that will help anyone push harder, find the sweet spot, and use sports to make life even better.

The Believe Training Journal is packed with photographs, practical advice, inspiration, and the hard-earned secrets and street smarts that Fleshman and Ro have learned the hard way on the pro running circuit.

With a smart, functional design, the journal will guide you through your season, helping you set your goals, plan your training weeks, and record daily workouts. The Believe Training Journal will reveal what’s working, keep you honest when no one’s looking, and prove when you’ve done the work.

Take a look! Click here to see two online excerpts from the Believe Training Journals.

Believe Training Journal (Classic Red Edition)
Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas
Paperback with illustrations throughout.
6″ x 7 1/2″, 240 pp., $18.95, 9781937715281

Having trouble with the decal on the back cover? Here’s how to remove it.

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