Many of America’s nine million avid cyclists are confronted every year with confusing questions about traffic law, cyclist harassment, product liability, theft, and insurance contracts. Bicycling and the Law is designed to be the primary resource for cyclists to consult when faced with a legal question. It provides readers with the knowledge to avoid many legal problems in the first place, and informs them of their rights, their responsibilities, and what steps they can take if they do encounter a legal problem.

According to recent statistics compiled by the League of American Bicyclists, more than 9 million Americans describe themselves as “active cyclists”—weekend riders, off-road riders, commuters, and amateur or professional athletes. All cyclists face the daily hazards of commuting in traffic, overenthusiastic dogs, road hazards, traffic codes, harassment, road rage, bicycle theft, group rides, and property damage. This book is for them.

Bob Mionske makes the law both entertaining and understandable to the non-lawyer, while presenting an accurate and thorough explanation of the laws governing bicycles and the activity of bicycling. Bicycling and the Law will be a definitive resource answering legal questions and the only book of its kind on the market.

Paperback with illustrations throughout.
5 1/4″ x 9 1/4″, 384 pp., $18.95, 9781931382991

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