The only book to specifically equip young bike racers for competitive racing, Bike Racing for Juniors highlights the unique needs of young athletes. Designed to complement current training methodologies, this book balances the development of junior athletes with the physical and emotional demands of competitive cycling.

From nutritional requirements to strength and stamina limitations, Junior (under-18) and Espoir (under-23) athletes are significantly different from their adult counterparts. Authors Kristen Dieffenbach and Steve McCauley take into account all of the considerations of young cyclists with a thorough discussion of every aspect of training from skill building and weight training to psychological development, and injury treatment and prevention.

In addition to training recommendations, Dieffenbach and McCauley address the importance of a young athlete’s environment, with chapters dedicated to parental involvement and positive coaching strategies. They outline the unique rules in Junior and Espoir racing, and explain the timeline for progression from beginner to experienced racer.

Tomorrow’s pros can rely on this book for the background and preparation they need to succeed in cycling.

Paperback with illustrations throughout
6″ x 9″, 416 pp., $18.95, 9781934030226

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