Bobke II


Bob Roll—former Tour de France racer, well-known scribe, and race announcer—is back to cause a ruckus!


Bob Roll—former Tour de France racer, well-known scribe, and race announcer—is back to cause a ruckus! Bobke II (pronounced “BOOB-kuh”) revisits all of the original journals of Roll’s wild rides and crazy tales about cycling’s uncensored side.

When Bobke retired from competition, his pen continued the crazed poetic commentary, and Roll’s newest additions cover both topics held reverent in cycling and also those that are hardly related to the sport. Bobke tips his cap to the classic riders and races, takes us on a grueling week of training with Lance Armstrong, tells the sport as he sees it, and entertains us with plenty of ditties and rants in between. It’s a zany, often absurd, yet compelling commotion.

Bobke II
Bob Roll
Paperback. Foreword by Dan Koeppel.
6″ x 9″, 208 pp., $16.95, 9781931382281

Bobke II:

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Foreword by Dan Koeppel
Way Out West
The Day the Big Men Cried
One Racer’s View
Believe or Leave
Blind Faith Was my Motto at the ’86 Tour
Springtime in Hell
Bobke on the Defensive
Lost in the Jemez
Bobke Takes to the Dirt
Deep Down Ditty with Bobke
Living in a Lactic-acid Crippling Haze
Euro’ Trashed
Dream Season
Nerves + Neurosis
Rhythm is a Racer
The Watch
The Sport According to Bobke
The “Water Hole” Revisited
One Heli Tour
Bobke’s Back!
Dry Bread Wants a Harley
Lance and the Dipped in Ding-dong Doodle Down in Dixie
Nine Guesses
A Day at the Fair
The Night before Amstel
Into the Twenty-first Century
51 Things to Do before You Die
Eurotrash and the Texas Tornado
Training Tips with Bobke
Il Becca Bartalese, Following in Coppi’s and Bartali’s Tracks
About the Author

“Not a day passes in the life of Bob Roll without a little good time commotion.” — Outside magazine
“Bob has a fine eye for the absurd nature of racing a bicycle for a living.” — Ned Overend, professional mountain bike racer

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