Cartes du Tour by Rapha

By Paul Fournel


Cartes du Tour is a collection of all 105 official maps of the Tour de France. For a limited time, VeloPress is pleased to bring a selection of Rapha titles to you.

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Cartes du Tour is a collection of all 105 official maps of the Tour de France.

Cartes du Tour offers a unique view toward the world’s most prestigious bike race. With cooperation of the Tour de France and Amaury Sports Organisation, this larger-than-life book shares all the official maps of all 105 Tours de France. Each beautifully rendered map reveals the evolution and challenges of cycling’s most glorious and timeless race, celebrating the Tour de France unlike ever before.

Each Tour de France map is similar from year to year, yet always different. They trace the history of a country which evolves, which reveals itself, which opens itself up to its neighbors and which carves out Europe even as Europe’s borders tumble and sway.

These gorgeous maps of the Tour de France celebrate the race and showcase the aesthetic of the time in which they were designed. Cartes du Tour is a cycling collector’s dream and a thoughtful gift that any cyclist would welcome with awe and gratitude.

Cartes du Tour
Paul Fournel with foreword by Christian Prudhomme
Hardcover with four-color illustrations throughout.
9” x 12”, 248 pp., $50.00, 9781912164042
Published by Rapha Editions. Produced, curated and edited by Bluetrain Publishing Ltd.

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Cartes du Tour by Rapha:

Paul Fournel

Hardcover with four-color illustrations throughout. Four-color illustrations throughout.

Shipping Dimensions: 10in x 12in x 1in 248pp $50.00, Inventory CDTRapha, Shipping 4.25lbs


ʻBeautifully produced and full of food for thoughtʼ – Feargal McKay, Podium Café

ʻThe collection is as much a graphic history of map design as it is a history of the Tour de Franceʼ – Aimée McLaughlin, Creative Review

ʻMany books of this size concerning the Tour de France seem only to occupy the moment created by those three
weeks in July. I think it more than likely that cartes du tour will have a considerably longer lifespan.ʼ – Brian Palmer,

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