Cartes du Tour Posters & Gift Wrap by Rapha


12 official, vintage Tour de France map posters selected from the book Cartes du Tour. For a limited time, VeloPress is pleased to bring a selection of Rapha titles to you.

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Rapha offers poster versions of 12 unique Tour de France maps from the book Cartes du Tour by Paul Fournel.

In this limited-edition collection, Rapha has selected 12 official, vintage maps of the Tour de France from the races 105 iterations. Each map tears out of the book with clean perforations for decorative use or as premium gift-wrapping paper for special occasions. Each map plots the history of the Grande Boucle, from pre-war editions featuring incredibly long stages to more recent editions that include grid starts and uphill time trials. Each print is reproduced on high-quality paper suitable for framing.

Cartes du Tour: Pull-Out Maps & Gift Wrap
12 official, vintage Tour de France maps
20” x 31”, $30.00
Published by Rapha Editions. Produced, curated and edited by Bluetrain Publishing Ltd.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × .5 in

ʻBeautifully produced and full of food for thoughtʼ – Feargal McKay, Podium Café

ʻThe collection is as much a graphic history of map design as it is a history of the Tour de Franceʼ – Aimée McLaughlin, Creative Review

ʻMany books of this size concerning the Tour de France seem only to occupy the moment created by those three
weeks in July. I think it more than likely that cartes du tour will have a considerably longer lifespan.ʼ – Brian Palmer,

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