Cyclocross, 3rd Ed.


Simon Burney is a veteran expert in the ‘cross world and his Cyclocross Training and Technique book is the bible of weekend warriors everywhere.


Simon Burney is a veteran expert in the world of cyclocross and his book, Cyclocross Training and Technique, is the bible of weekend warriors everywhere.

Cyclocross is the fastest-paced and most technical discipline in cycling. Raced on a fun and challenging mix of road and off-road racing on a closed circuit with obstacles such as sandtraps, berms, and barriers, cyclocross draws a rowdy crowd of devotees every fall and winter. Countless cyclists are discovering one of Europe’s favorite autumn pastimes to be much more than off-season training. From Simon Burney, the expert on cyclocross racing and training, comes a fully updated and expanded edition, exploring every aspect of this increasingly popular sport.

Beginners and veterans alike will benefit from comprehensive explanations of cyclocross racing techniques and tactics. Riders will improve basic skills of climbing, descending, and bunny-hopping over obstacles with step-by-step descriptions and photographs of the pro riders at work. Burney covers how and when to dismount and remount a bike, as well as how to tackle tough course conditions from snow to sand to mud. With the latest on equipment and bike fit, newcomers will be off to a good start with the proper gear. A newly expanded training section describes how to train on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis, with hints for on- and off-road training as well as run training and training indoors. Burney’s expertise is complemented with tips from some of the best riders in contemporary cyclocross.

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Cyclocross Training and Technique, 3rd Ed.
Simon Burney
Paperback with photographs throughout.
6″ x 9″, 208 pp., $18.95, 9781934030059

Cyclocross, 3rd Ed.:

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1 Getting Started
2 Equipment
3 Techniques and Tactics
4 Training Basics
5 Training Components
6 Racing
7 The Role of the Mechanic
8 Looking after Yourself
9 Cyclocross International


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“It’s hard to imagine any cyclocross racer—or potential racer—who wouldn’t find a way to get faster by reading Burney’s new edition. Burney gave the classic cyclocross book a thorough make-over. Equipment, training and technique sections were all brought up-to-date > by a writer who is involved in the sport at its highest levels.” —

“What Simon Burney doesn’t know about cyclocross isn’t worth knowing at all!” —Ian Field, British Championship medallist

Cyclocross Training and Technique by Simon Burney gives an excellent compilation of information and experience for everyone involved with the exciting cycling discipline.” —Peter Van den Abeele, Union Cycliste Internationale Cyclocross Coordinator, former Belgian Elite National Champion, Two-time Olympian

“Simon Burney knows cyclocross inside out. He writes with authority based on his experience as a rider, coach, and team manager. This is the book for ‘cross enthusiasts from novice to elite levels.” —Liam Killeen, World Mountain Bike Champion (U23) and British National Cyclocross Champion (U23) and Elite Silver Medallist

“Burney has updated the venerable ‘cross Bible from top to bottom. It might not be a sacrilege to call it a NEW testament! This new edition provides advice for women, juniors, and cross-overs from mountain bike or road bike racing. There is no doubt that all racers or potential racers will find something of interest and value in cyclocross. The technique sections are improved with new photos (many featuring Tim Johnson), and his equipment advice is knowledgeable, specific and opinionated, just how I like it.” —Steve Frothingham,

“I scored myself a copy of Simon Burney’s original hardback edition of Cyclocross long before I ever bought an actual cyclocross bike, reasoning that a guy doesn’t join a congregation without reading its bible.”— Patrick O’Grady, Mad Dog Media

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