Grand Trail

A Magnificent Journey to the Heart of Ultrarunning and Racing

By Alexis Berg, Frederic Berg


Grand Trail shares the stunning beauty and raw emotions of ultrarunning, paying tribute to the passion and splendor of the sport and lifestyle.

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Grand Trail shares the stunning beauty and raw emotions of ultrarunning, paying tribute to the passion and splendor of the sport and lifestyle. Filled with powerful photographs and intimate stories, Grand Trail portrays ultramarathon champions and their extraordinary world.

Grand Trail features the icons of ultrarunning—people, places, and races—in spectacular color and black-and-white photography by Alexis Berg. Exploring iconic courses like Western States, Hardrock, Marathon des Sables alongside personal portraits of heroes like Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, and Scott Jurek, Grand Trail is as inspiring as it is beautiful.

In its pages, Grand Trail shares the indescribable feelings that spring from running free in a wild place, alone in thought or sharing the miles with another of the tribe. The simple beauty of the task. Stunning views of the world’s most beautiful trails. Faces lined with exhaustion in gritty aid stations. The unguarded gaze of a spent runner who half hears the concerned whispers of his wife. The overwhelming emotion of the finish line after countless hours of silence. The agony that melts in the relief of the finish. The dazed bliss of exhaustion. The sadness of a journey completed.

Grand Trail offers an enchanting encounter with the people, places, and emotions that make ultrarunning special:

  • Intimate interviews: Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Anna Frost, Anton Krupicka, Stephanie Howe, Scott Jurek, and eight ultramarathoners from around the world.
  • 13 iconic courses: Western States, Hardrock, Marathon de Sables, Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, Transgrancanaria and races in Asia, Australia, and Europe.
  • Stirring photography: Breathtaking landscapes of the world’s most beautiful trails, moving portraits of ultrarunners, and remarkable scenes from races.
  • Vignettes on trail running: Culture, history, training, night running, nutrition, and how the body bends to the miles.

Read excerpts and see photographs! See selections from Grand Trail here on the VeloPress Trail Running and Ultramarathon page.

Grand Trail: A Magnificent Journey to the Heart of Ultrarunning and Racing
Photography by Alexis Berg, Text by Frederic Berg
Foreword by Joe Grant | Postface by Jenn Shelton
Hardcover with full-color interior and photographs throughout.
12″ x 9 ½”, 320 pp., $45.00, 9781937715649

Grand Trail: A Magnificent Journey to the Heart of Ultrarunning and Racing

Alexis Berg, Frederic Berg

Shipping Dimensions: 9.75in x 12.125in x 1.125in pp $45, Inventory 9781937715649, Shipping 4.1lbs

About the Authors
Foreword by Joe Grant
In the Stride of the Passengers of the Dream
13 Trail Races
Kilian Jornet: A Legend from Above
Diagonale Des Fous Grand Raid Reunion (France)
Off on a Diagonal
Emelie Forsberg: The Northern Star
A Short History of Trail Running
Hong Kong 100 (China)
Antoine Guillon: The Metronome in the Shadows
Coming to Trail Running
Tarawera Ultramarathon (New Zealand)
Anna Frost: The Snow Queen
Born to Run?
Transgrancanaria (Spain)
Gediminas Grinius: The Fighter
Ultratrailer, Who Are You?
Marathon de Sables (Morocco)
Laurence Klein: Mother and Desert Runner
Trail Running, A Meeting Ground
Ultra-Trail Australia
Ryan Sandes: A Class Above
Mother Nature, a frail setting and an implacable judge
Lavaredo Ultra Trail (Italy)
Anton Krupicka: The Genuine Icon
A Trail Night’s Dream
Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run (Lake Tahoe, California)
Stephanie Howe: The Ultra Brilliant One
Trail Running, The Original Version
Scott Jurek: The Green Samurai
Great West, Great Open Spaces, Great Trail.
Hardrock 100 Endurance Run (Durango, Colorado)
Sebastien Chaigneau: A Taste for the Wild
Training, An Endless Trail
Eiger Ultra Trail (Switzerland)
Iker Karrera: The Keeper of the Peaks
Eat, Drink…and Run
Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (Chamonix, France)
Dawa Sherpa: The Luminous Pathfinder
The Ultra Inside Your Body
Ultra-Trail Hurricana du Canada
Florent Bouguin: The Magnificent Unknown
Before and After Harricana
Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji (Japan)
Francois d’Haene: The Great Vintage
Trail Running at the Parting of the Ways
Thomas Lorblanchet: The Heart and Mind
150 Ultras
Afterword by Jenn Shelton
The Authors Warmly Thank

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“Simply put, Grand Trail is the most inspirational and breathtaking coffee table book about running ever published. It shares the stunning beauty and raw emotions of ultrarunning, paying tribute to the passion and splendor of the sport and lifestyle while eloquently depting 13 amazing trail races around the world and profiling 16 of the world’s top ultra-distance athletes including Kilian Jornet, Scott Jurek, and Emelie Forsberg.” — Competitor magazine

Grand Trail offers visual proof of the beauty and harshness that runners only find when they test their limits.” – Men’s Journal

Grand Trail features incredible pictures and stories from ultramarathon and trail running’s greatest: Anton, Kilian, Jurek, and more. It’s truly the most beautiful trail running book I’ve ever owned.” —Ultrarunnerpodcast

Grand Trail combines profiles of elite ultrarunners with stunning photography from the most famous ultra courses in the world. Highly recommended… Grand Trail is the type of book you can flip through over and over again without losing your sense of awe and appreciation.” —Ultrarunning magazine

Grand Trail is the first book that brought me to understand running less by the end of it than when I started. Which is to say, Grand Trail is the first book on running that expresses what it feels like to actually put one foot ahead of the other, and run.” — Jenn Shelton, ultrarunner

“Grand Trail, with its stunning visuals and well-chosen descriptions, will enable your family and guests to murmur at long last, ‘I get it.’” — American Trail Running Association

“An enjoyable global tour of the ultra-trail scene in words and impressive pictures…A great reference for future destination races to put on your bucket list, and it’s an easy way to show your non-trail runner friends why it is you do what you do.” — Canadian Running magazine

“You’ve never seen ultrarunning like this before. Two brothers published a book stuffed with photos of the passion, suffering, and victory that make up ultrarunning.” — Trail Run Project

“A gorgeous coffee table book…The quality of writing matches the stunning images…Flipping through a few pages at a time each night is an experience to savor.” — The Runner’s Trip

“An amazing, engaging journey… Heart-wrenching and simultaneously heart-warming. It’s raw. It’s beautiful. The photography alone is worth the purchase price… An incredible photographic masterpiece… Put it on your list of ‘must read’ running books.” — Running on Happy

“Absolutely breathtaking photographs. These pictures capture not only the gorgeous scenery awaiting racers who toe the start line, but exhibit the pure and visceral emotions felt by those who tackle these challenging courses.” — Run Oregon

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