Greg LeMond

Yellow Jersey Racer

By Greg LeMond, Guy Andrews


Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer presents Greg LeMond’s legendary accomplishments, spanning one-day races to grand tours to the remarkable close of his career.

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Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer celebrates LeMond’s entire legendary career through huge photographs and revealing interviews with LeMond, his teammates, and his rivals.

Greg LeMond is America’s only recognized Tour de France winner, yet his three Tour victories tell only part of his story. LeMond changed cycling more than any other rider in the history of the sport. LeMond was a talented all-rounder, with a reputation as one of the canniest racers of his generation. As adept at racing on the cobbles of the spring classics as he was on the mountains of the grand tours, LeMond rode a full racing season from spring to autumn. His never-say-die spirit also bagged him two World Championship titles and a hatful of podiums at the world’s toughest bike races.

He was admired by his peers and respected by his rivals. Yet Greg LeMond’s influence on cycling extended off the bike as well. He was the first cyclist to command a $1 million salary, raising the stakes for all other teams and riders and pushing the Tour organization to reach more spectators through expanded TV coverage. LeMond was the first cyclist to focus almost exclusively on winning the Tour de France and the World Championship, knowing they were most valuable to his fans and sponsors. His superstar talent and charisma broke cycling into the mainstream media with multiple turns as Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year. Greg LeMond raised cycling from its provincial roots into a professional sport with global reach.

But LeMond’s story took a tragic turn in 1987: While out hunting, he was accidentally shot and lost so much blood that his life hung in the balance. His eventual recovery was as miraculous as what happened next: he came back to the world of bicycle racing to claim victory in the Tour de France in the closest finish in the history of the race.

Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer documents LeMond’s entire racing career year by year. LeMond’s early promise as a young rider of limitless talent, his raw battle to take victory in the 1986 Tour, his unbelievable comeback from near death, the resurgence of his career as he faced a new generation of supercharged EPO athletes—this celebration of LeMond covers it all with incisive writing, intimate interviews with teammates and rivals, and illuminating photographs. Key moments in LeMond’s career are documented with spectacular photography including the iconic pictures you remember and new images not seen outside LeMond’s personal circles. Many of the famous protagonists in LeMond’s world – rivals, teammates, and friends – contribute extensive interviews, speaking candidly about his incredible career and his continuing legacy in the sport of cycling.

Greg LeMond is known best for winning the Tour de France in amazing fashion, but Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer celebrates the entire fascinating career of the rider known as “the American”.

Includes extensive contributions from LeMond and interviews with Jeff Bradley, Kent Gordis, Phil Anderson, Sean Kelly, Ron Kiefel, Stephen Roche, Robert Millar, Shelley Verses, Andy Hampsten, Johan Lammerts, Ronan Pensec, Otto Jacome, and Chris Boardman.

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Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer
Guy Andrews with a foreword by Greg LeMond
Hardcover with full-color interior and photographs throughout.
9 1/2″ x 11 3/4″, 304 pp., $45.00, 9781937715687

Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer

Greg LeMond, Guy Andrews

Hardcover Full-color interior and photographs throughout.

Shipping Dimensions: 10.125in x 12.125in x 1.125in 304pp $45, Inventory 9781937715687, Shipping 4.5lbs

Foreword by Greg LeMond

American Flyers – Jeff Bradley

A Most Excellent Adventure – Kent Gordis

Flying by the Seat of his Pants – Phil Anderson

New Kids on the Block – Sean Kelly

From a Piece of Cake to Holy Cow – Ron Kiefel

The Enemy Within – Stephen Roche

The Scot, the Breton, and a Californian – Robert Millar

The Show Must Go On – Shelley Verses
The Shooting Accident

The Only Way Is Up – Andy Hampsten
Palmarès (1987-88)
Reportage (1987-88)

Good for Nothings – Johan Lammerts

Keeping the Punters Happy – Ronan Pensec

LeMonster – Otto Jacome

The Old Pro and the Neo Pro – Chris Boardman

The Bikes

“Greg LeMond’s career was defined by Tour de France success, but there was much more beneath the surface, from world championship titles to a hunting accident that nearly ended his life. Never-before-seen photos and extensive interviews with his contemporaries take readers through LeMond’s entire career… Guy Andrews documents LeMond’s entire legendary racing career and his lasting influence, one that saw him change cycling more than any other rider in the history of the sport.” — VeloNews

“Those not familiar with the legend will become fans. Those who are will explore new insights.” — Bicycling

“LeMond was and remains the shiniest diamond ever pulled out of the rough of the American cycling wilderness. The story of his discovery, with family photos of young Greg as well as the still-incredible scenes of Cyrille Guimard and Bernard Hinault visiting Reno, Nevada, jump off the page of Yellow Jersey Racer…Beautifully comprehensive.” — Podium Café

“A book that’s been a long time in the coming, Yellow Jersey Racer is worth the wait. All told, Andrews offers an excellent broad-brush portrait of a rider and his era, of America’s first Tour champion—and, today, its only Tour champion—and the years in which cycling came of age and served up some of the strongest images and stories in its history…It’s a vivid picture of LeMond and the era in which he rode…[and] a book all should want to own a copy of.” — Feargal McKay, Podium Café, The Top 10 Cycling Books of 2016

“A gorgeous book, with good stories and great photography. I recommend it for any bicycle racing fan – whether for yourself, or for a gift.” —The Retrogrouch

“Fabulous. A wonderful worthy tribute.” — Experience Life

“Superb. A superlative summary of a noteworthy career in sports.” — PezcyclingNews

“Andrews deserves praise… It’s the only book on LeMond we will need.” — Red Kite Prayer

“A lavishly produced look back at the career of a deservedly popular and successful cyclist.” —

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