This inspiring children’s book tells the wonderful tale of two friends, Ralph and Dudley, and one particularly adventurous bicycle race. Ralph, who has all the latest cycling equipment, hopes to catch the eye of the local racing team by challenging Dudley to a bicycle race. Ralph’s plans for the race involve “showmanship,” trickery, and making a positive impression at any cost. The humble Dudley believes in his abilities, is inspired by encouragement, and treats others with respect by playing fair.

Dudley arrives at the race with his ancient, heavyweight bike. Ralph brings all his fancy equipment. When the starting gun is fired, Ralph shifts gears and takes off like a bullet! A close race ensues, and at the finish line there is ice cream in the park for all. Everyone is there but Ralph, who can’t be found . . . what happened to Ralph? Recommended for ages 4 and older.

Hardcover with jacket. Color illustrations.
10″ x 8″, 32 pp., $14.95, 9781931382496

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