Hit Reset

Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes


HIT RESET is a yoga revolution that will make yoga work for you and your sport in just a few minutes each day.

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HIT RESET offers athletes new ways to find more speed, power, and endurance. Yoga coach Erin Taylor’s HIT RESET approach uses yoga to solve the specific problems you face as an athlete. Her revolutionary way to do yoga can improve functional strength, flexibility, muscle recruitment, breathing and focus, core strength, and durability.

HIT RESET starts by defining 10 problems that hold athletes back and the specific yoga solutions that can fix them. Each chapter shows you how your body should work, how to self-diagnose flaws in your movement and functional strength, and how to apply just a few specific yoga poses so you can “hit reset” and get back to peak athletic form. In just a few minutes each day, you can practice the yoga solutions in HIT RESET anytime and anywhere without a mat or studio classes.

Armed with these key, highly effective yoga fixes, you’ll begin a radical redefinition of balance that can make you a healthier, stronger, and more resilient athlete.

HIT RESET can help you solve:

  • Imbalances that lead to injury by redefining balance from head to toe
  • Feeling easily winded with deep breathing exercises
  • Feeling distracted or nervous with focus exercises
  • Poor posture with core activating and strengthening poses
  • Sleepy feet and stiff calves for a stronger foundation
  • Knee pain with better form and strength poses
  • Stiff hamstrings and sleepy glutes with activation exercises
  • Unstable hips and IT band problems with hip helpers
  • Stiff shoulders and sides with opening poses

Yoga can help you in your sport, but only if your yoga is solving the problems you face as an athlete. HIT RESET offers a yoga revolution for athletes by making yoga work for you. Join the HIT RESET revolution and you’ll find a no-nonsense approach that will make you a stronger, more resilient athlete.

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Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes
Erin Taylor
Paperpack with full-color interior and photographs throughout.
7 1/2″ x 9 3/4″, 208 pp., $21.95, 9781937715427

Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes

Paperback Full-color interior and photographs throughout.

Shipping Dimensions: 7.5in x 9.81in x .75in 208pp $21.95, Inventory 9781937715427, Shipping 1.5lbs

Rediscover Balance
Breathe & Focus
Strengthen Your Core
Strengthen Your Foundation
Save Your Knees
Unstiffen Your Hamstrings
Wake Up Your Butt
Mobilize & Stabilize Your Hips
Sort Out Your Shoulders
Unstick Your Side Body
About the Athletes
About the Author

Preview book.

Hit Reset is a stripped down yoga program for athletes.” — Triathlete magazine

Hit Reset isn’t just a book of yoga poses. It is a method for finding imbalances in your own body and learning simple tools for self-diagnosis and intervention. Hit Reset puts the power in your own hands to learn to feel when balance needs to be restored, and in a way, prepares you to be your own yoga teacher. After reading the book and developing the framework, you’ll be able to use yoga as a tool for as little as a few minutes a day with real results.” — Lauren Fleshman, professional runner

“These om-inspired routines will help stretch and strengthen where you need in most.” — Women’s Running

Hit Reset will be a revelation for many runners… It’s easy to follow…and a great reference for runners who aren’t interested in dragging their mat to the yoga studio.” — Canadian Running

Hit Reset goes way beyond just showing you the moves… It addresses 10 really common problems, suggests poses and stretches, and provides a game plan to follow… If you’ve every felt intimidated by yoga, this book will leave you feeling empowered.” — Fit Bottomed Girls

“A guide to help an overcooked athlete reset muscular imbalances. Organized so that you can crack open the book and follow instructions on how to unlock and repair specific problem areas.” — LAVA magazine

“Helpful for all yogis to create a more balanced physical yoga practice.” — Yoga Basics

“If I’m not balanced, I don’t feel at ease. With yoga, it’s amazing to see something that looks so simple make such a big impact.” – Norris Frederick, professional long jumper

“Erin takes the physical and mental benefits of yoga for athletes and makes those connections better than any other yoga instructor I’ve had. It makes yoga very accessible for sporty people, and motivates you to be consistent.” – Lauren Fleshman, professional runner

“Building my strength through balance work, yoga, and pre-hab exercises has allowed me to push myself further than I ever thought possible.” – Linsey Corbin, professional triathlete

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