In Fast-Track Triathlete, elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon offers his plan of attack for high performance in long-course triathlon—without sacrificing work or life. Developed for busy professionals with demanding schedules, the Fast-Track Triathlete program makes your PR possible in Ironman®, Ironman 70.3®, Rev3, and Challenge triathlon in about 10 hours a week.

Fast-Track Triathlete includes training programs and key workouts:

  • 10-week off-season training program with key workouts
  • 14-week pre-season training program with key workouts
  • 14-week comprehensive race-prep full and half training plans with fully integrated strength and conditioning

This FREE download offers a preview of the Matt Dixon’s Ironman Race Prep Training Program, showing Weeks 1 & 2 schedule as well as sharing the actual key workouts for Week 1.

To download this free preview, simply hit “add to cart” on this page and complete the checkout process. There will be no charge for the download and you will receive a unique download link that will work once and which will expire in 7 days.

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