My Time


My Time is the incredible story of Bradley Wiggins and his dominating 2012 season.

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On July 22, 2012, Bradley Wiggins made history as the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France. Ten days later, he won the time trial at the London Olympic Games to become his country’s most decorated Olympian. In an instant, “Wiggo”—now Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins—became a British hero.

Two years previously, however, Wiggins had been staring into the abyss. His much-hyped attempt to conquer the 2010 Tour de France had ended in public humiliation. Poor results and indifferent form left him facing release from Team Sky. And then he was hit with the tragic news of the death of his grandfather, George, the man who had raised him as a young boy. At rock bottom, Wiggins had to reach deep inside and find the strength to fight his way back.

Outspoken, honest, intelligent, and fearless, Wiggins has been hailed as the people’s champion. In My Time, he tells the story of the remarkable journey that led him from his lowest ebb to win the world’s toughest race. He opens up about the personal anguish that has driven him on and what it’s like behind the scenes at Team Sky: the brutal training regimes, the sacrifices, and his views on his teammates and rivals. He talks too about his anger at the specter of doping that pursues his sport, how he dealt with the rush of taking Olympic gold, and above all what it takes to be the greatest.

Foreword by Robert Millar
Paperback with color photosection
6″ x 9″, 320 pp., $18.95, 9781937715137

My Time:

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Foreword by Robert Millar

Prologue: Open Road

Part One: Down and Out in London and Manchester
1 The Planner’s Dream Goes Wrong
2 Rock Bottom
3 Time for Truth
4 Back on Track
5 Breakthrough
6 Brothers in Arms

Part Two: Little by Little
7 Tearing Up Tradition
8 The Midas Touch
9 The Wingmen
10 Working Class Hero
11 Back in the Madhouse
12 In the Firing Line
13 The Other Team
14 Under Attack
15 Life in Yellow
16 Open Road: II

Part Three: My Time
17 An Englishman in Paris
18 London Calling
19 The Rollercoaster
20 What’s Next?

Appendix: The Golden Year
List of Illustrations

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“Fascinating. Direct but eloquent. An absorbing read.” — Road Cycling UK

My Time is a well written and easy to digest account of Wiggins’ ascent to success.” — Sports Gazette

“Revealing and compelling… Events that we thought we’d seen from every angle are given a fresh twist.” — Observer

“Like the man himself, captivating.” — Daily Express

“We get raw thrilling Wiggins, as if we’re his mates in the pub as he tells us how he won the Tour de France and Olympic gold for afters.” — Sunday Times

“Listening to Bradley Wiggins is a pleasure unmatched in British sport. Whether the topic is gearing or psychology, Wiggins speaks in paragraphs of pure practical wisdom, liberally peppered with swearwords… The latest reflections from the sage of Kilburn ring true and clear.” — Sunday Telegraph

“It bristles with details of his sinew-straining dedication and the almost maniacal attention to detail that powers any athlete to legend status.” — Sunday Express


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