Fuel Your Epic

By Morgan Sjogren


Outlandish is a sun-soaked starter manual to fueling your own epic.

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Outlandish is a sun-soaked starter manual to fueling your own epic. In this guide, the canyoneering wordsmith and ultrarunner Morgan Sjogren shows how outdoor adventure can become your lifestyle. Through her riveting personal stories, flavorful recipes, and the book’s gotta-go-there photographs, Sjogren shares her advice and lessons learned from years exploring the desert Southwest while living out of her canary-yellow Jeep Wrangler. Outlandish is a gorgeous guide to a more adventurous life.

In Outlandish, Sjogren shows how to sleep better in a car, build a cooking fire, overcome calamity, repurpose bacon grease, leave no trace, sun-dry tomatoes on your car hood, cook food on a hot engine block, and select practical gear for your tailgate kitchen. Equipped with little more than Outlandish, a backpacking stove, a cooler, and a few staple foods, you can seek out your own adventures fueled by Sjogren’s inspiring outdoor lifestyle as well as her favorite burritos, dandelion salads, campfire blondies, and prickly pear margaritas.

Sjogren offers up dozens of recipes that draw from the places she’s been—Sedona, Bears Ears, Yosemite, Silverton, Utah—and help her tell intoxicating tales of exploration and mishap. There are taco recipes remembered from the highest mountain in Mexico and “50 Shades of Burritos” with flavors taken from around the Four Corners.

Outlandish is equal parts fuel for the body and food for the soul. This smart and meaningful guide comes straight from the trails of Utah’s canyon country and the deserts of Arizona to share lessons learned from a life lived in wilderness. Sjogren’s exhilarating guide will stoke your desire for adventure while offering tools, tips, and tricks that can help you launch your epic.

Read a chapter and see Morgan’s recipes.

Outlandish: Fuel Your Epic
Morgan Sjogren
Paperback with full-color interior and 175 photographs throughout.
6″ x 7.5″ x .75″, 256 pp., $24.95, 9781937715953

Outlandish: Fuel Your Epic

Morgan Sjogren

Paperback. Full-color interior and 175 photographs throughout.

Shipping Dimensions: 6in x 7.5in x .75in 256pp $24.95, Inventory 9781937715953, Shipping 1lbs

Preface: You’re Going to Eat That? A Running Bum’s Food Philosophy

Introduction: Runaway—Sentenced to Summer

Eastern Sierras to the Four Corners

How to Set Up Your Cooking Space on the Road

Gone Guidebooking

Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

Recipes: The Basic Bean, Desert Burger

How to Roll a Burrito

Heat Sources

Granite Hugs

Yosemite National Park, California

Recipes: Tuolumne Thai Noodles, Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Smile Country

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Utah

Recipe: Fajita Burritos

Welcome to the Sport of Burro Racing

Creede, Colorado

Recipes: Avocado Toast, Monkey Dogs

Silverton Scavenger Hunt

Silverton, Colorado

Recipe: Foraged Dandelion Greens with Wild Raspberries

The Tundrathon Triple

Silverton, Colorado

Recipe: Chilaquilles

Running Naked in Monsoon Season

Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

Recipes: Comb Ridge Coma Burrito, Prickly Pear Margarita

The Leave No Trace Kitchen

Mars Coyote

Lake Powell, Utah

Recipe: Fresh Fruit Wraps

Sky Skating

Eastern Sierras, California, and Silverton, Colorado

Recipe: Alpine Alfredo Pasta

Herschel the Trail-Blazing Mountain Mutt

Prescott, Arizona

Recipes: Banana Pancakes, Dumpster Pasta Sauce

No Exit Route

Page, Arizona

Recipe: Veggie-Zona Burrito

Bacon-Packing: Five Days and Ways to Live on Bacon

Strange Sleep

The Highest Taco Stand in Mexico

Pico de Orizaba, Mexico

Recipes: Tacos Veracruz, Fried Ham and Potato Enchiladas, Fan-Tang Sports Drink

The Endless Road Trip

The West

Recipes: Sam’s Van Salad, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Rainbow Curry Burritos

Burrito Uprising

Yosemite National Park, California

Recipe: Model Veggie Wraps

Why I Signed Up for a Race I Knew I Couldn’t Finish

Silverton, Colorado

Recipes: Bagels Rancheros, Jalapeno Popper Burritos

Becoming Desert

Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument, Utah

Recipes: Cactus Tacos, Dirty Blondies

50 Shades of Burritos



About the Author

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Outlandish chronicles Sjogren’s two-plus years of life on the road and shares lessons like how to sun-dry tomatoes on your car hood, as well as 25+ recipes ranging from campfire blondies to her go-to burritos. The biggest takeaway: don’t overthink things.”Sunset Magazine

Outlandish is part road-trip guide, part travelogue, and total inspiration. Check it out to find recipes, stories of the road, incredible photography, and plenty of advice to ensure that your next adventure is bizarre and unfamiliar, yes—but also adventurous, meaningful, and a heck of a good time.”ROVA Magazine

“Besides drooling over the gorgeous photos, it is guaranteed that you will salivate over the recipes that accompany each adventure and hopefully utilize Morgan’s sustainable outdoor cooking tips.” —American Trail Running Association

“Sjogren’s guide capably stokes the reader’s sense of adventure and should assist in breaking down the barrier between wishing and acting on your yearning to ditch the drudgery of daily life for a taste of the unknown.”Canadian Running Magazine

Outlandish is a manifesto on rediscovering self through nature.”Adventure Sports Network

“Consider this an earnest love letter to the concepts of true adventure and personal discovery, filled with entertaining storytelling and creative recipes to fuel the journey.” —Allison Pattillo

“Perfect for raft guides on their days off or who are looking to try something new on the river, adventure writer and land activist Morgan Sjogren inspires dirtbags across the West to embrace an authentic, off-road, adventure, survivalist lifestyle.”Paddling Life

Outlandish is a guide on how to live life simply, in the wild, with a big ol’ grin on your face.”Mason Strehl Field Journal

“Morgan Sjogren will lead you to some of the best wild places, then show you how to appreciate them, run free, and also protect and expand them. Life is short and we’re more free than we think. Get. Out. Thar.” —Jaimal Yogis, author of Saltwater Buddha

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