Rocket Fuel

Power-Packed Food for Sports and Adventure

By Matt Kadey


James Beard Award-winner Matt Kadey, RD, offers up innovative, delicious, and convenient real-food recipes to power everyday exercise and weekend adventures.

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In Rocket Fuel, award-winning dietitian Matt Kadey offers up delicious, creative, and convenient real-food recipes to power your everyday exercise and weekend adventures. Kadey’s ingenious Rocket Fuel foods—like easy-to-make muffins, bars, pies, bites, gels, smoothies, balls, wraps, and cookies—will inspire how you fuel for your favorite sports. Since studies show that real food works just as well as processed sports food products, you’ll enjoy a huge variety of flavors and a healthier, more nutritious performance fuel that’s free of artificial stuff and high price tags. Kadey’s DIY performance foods include dozens of new flavors and innovative forms that ensure you’ll always look forward to your next exercise snack.

Rocket Fuel is more than a cookbook of easy, healthy recipes. Kadey simplifies the rocket science of sports nutrition into easy-to-follow guidelines that will work for anyone in any sport or activity. Rocket Fuel foods are grouped into Before, During, and After Exercise so your body will get exactly what it needs at exactly the right times. For those with special dietary restrictions, each recipe is flagged as dairy-free, freezer-friendly, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and vegetarian or vegan-friendly. Rocket Fuel offers:

  • 126 recipe ideas for power-packed foods, snacks, and light meals including bowls, puddings, wraps, sandwiches, bites, balls, squares, bars, drinks, patties, cakes, stacks, drinks, smoothies, shakes, soups, muffins, sliders, pies, rolls, DIY energy shots, and all-natural sports drinks
  • 33 Before, 43 During, and 50 After Exercise recipes
  • 79 dairy free, 85 gluten free, 76 vegetarian, and 33 paleo-friendly recipes
  • Smart-yet-simple sports nutrition guideliness for before, during, and after exercise
  • Complete nutrition facts for every recipe

What you eat for energy can make the difference between an epic day or a disappointment. Rocket Fuel makes it easy to power up for workouts, recharge during halftime, or stay energized on the trail.

Check out sample Rocket Fuel recipes.

Rocket Fuel: Power-Packed Food for Sports and Adventure
Matt Kadey, RD
Paperback with full-color interior with photographs throughout.
9″ x 7.5″, 256 pp., $22.95, 9781937715465

Rocket Fuel: Power-Packed Food for Sports and Adventure

Matt Kadey

Paperback Full-color interior with photographs throughout.

Shipping Dimensions: 9.00in x 7.50in x .8in 256pp $22.95, Inventory 9781937715465, Shipping 1.9lbs

Recipe List

Back to the Kitchen: It Works, Nutrition Upgrade, Inside the Wrapper, Keeping It Real, Troublemakers, In Good Taste, Variety Is the Spice of Life, Save Cash, Eat Better Overall, Fueling Cheat Sheet, Taste the Reward
Rocket Fuel Basics: Clockwork, Diet Guide, Switch Hits, Tools of the Trade, The New Power Foods

Start Your Engine: Audition Your Fuel, Timing Is Everything, Go Slow, Don’t Rough It, For the Love of Carbs, Know Your Workout, Sip and Chew, Snack Attack
33 Recipes

Fuel the Machine: Watch the Clock, Embrace Carbs, Get What You Need, Do You Really Need to Eat During Your Workout?, Electro Power, Think Beyond Carbs, Cramping Your Style, Liquid Assets, Get in the Kitchen
43 Recipes

Recharge and Recover: Carb Up, Power Powders, Protein Pump, Dynamic Duo, Fat Chance, Fast and Furious Recovery, Liquid Assets, Battle of the Bulge, Ready-Made Recovery
50 Recipes

Nutrition Facts
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Competitor Magazine Gift Pick

“Perfect for the active foodie, this book provides more than 80 real-food, simple fuel recipes for before, during, and after a workout.” – Competitor magazine

“Registered dietitian Matthew Kadey shares unique real-food recipes.” — Triathlete magazine

Rocket Fuel caters to athletes and active people seeking healthy, natural alternatives to the energy bar aisle.” — Gear Junkie

“You barely have time to work out, let alone make a post-workout snack. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for another boring packet of almonds, or a super-processed, super-sugary energy bar. Whip up any of these six easy-to-make, portable, post-exercise snacks from the new cookbook, Rocket Fuel: Power-Packed Food for Sports and Adventure, by registered dietitian Matt Kadey, and you’ll have delicious, take-anywhere eats. Bonus: all 6 snacks help your body keep muscle and burn fat.” — Prevention

“Fuel up before, during, and after your run with homemade eats.” — Women’s Running

“More than 80 simple and quick homemade fuel recipes for the everyday athlete.” — Competitor

“As any serious athlete can attest to, what you eat before, during and after your intense workouts can have a profound effect on your performance in the gym and after your workout…Recipes from Kadey’s book are easy to make, taste delicious, and will help you fuel up to reach your goals.” — Oxygen magazine

“Mostly, it’s research that inspired Matthew Kadey’s recipes…The registered dietitian also finds inspiration at the local market…Apart from the recipes, Rocket Fuel has great advice on fueling, including the timing of your pre-ride food, the number of carbs you should take in during the ride, and the mix of carbs and protein you should have after. Rocket Fuel is a great reference for any athlete.” — Canadian Cycling

“Don’t settle for junk calories to squash those hunger pangs…Take your pre-workout snack up a gastronomic notch and reap the benefits of long-last energy.” — Muscle & Performance

“You might be really, really tired of energy bars. If so, take a look at Matthew Kadey’s new book Rocket Fuel. In it, he shows how easily you can make snacks, smoothies, and energy bars yourself. The benefits are huge: You can tailor your power food to include ingredients you like.” — Vegetarian Times

Rocket Fuel provides a bounty of functional and downright tasty ideas for DIY pre, during, and post-workout nibbles that will help runners and other athletes of all stripes rise above the competition.” — Canadian Running

“Check out Rocket Fuel for easy, delicious, sensible recipes.” — IDEA Fitness Journal

Rocket Fuel is a must-read book filled with information and recipes that will keep you going through all your athletic exploits. It isn’t just a cookbook. Rocket Fuel offers a series of guidelines that demystifies the world of sports nutrition and helps you come up with a plan to keep yourself energized before, during, and after your workouts. Kadey does a great job of reminding us that fueling doesn’t need to be complicated, and that real foods can work just as well as packaged sports nutrition products.” — Triathlon Magazine Canada

“Quick ideas for before, during, and after the run. What differentiates this book from other similar cookbooks is in its creativity. Kadey isn’t interested in status-quo snacking. Some of the James Beard Award-winning writer’s recipes sound delicious. Where Rocket Fuel is at its strongest is in the classic recipes Kadey offers up with a subtle twist.” — Canadian Running

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