Run Strong, Stay Hungry

9 Keys to Staying in the Race

By Jonathan Beverly


In Run Strong, Stay Hungry, Jonathan Beverly taps 50 lifetime runners—from America’s elite to consistent local competitors—to reveal the 9 keys to run strong and stay fast.

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In Run Strong, Stay Hungry, Jonathan Beverly reveals the secrets of veteran racers who are still racing fast and loving the sport decades after they got their start. Beverly taps 50 lifetime runners—from America’s elite to consistent local competitors—to reveal the 9 keys to run strong and stay fast. Run Strong, Stay Hungry features priceless guidance from Bill Rodgers, Deena Kastor, Pete Magill, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Roger Robinson, Colleen De Reuck, Dave Dunham, Kathrine Switzer, and dozens more.

Drawing from lessons learned over their 4 million lifetime running miles, Beverly finds that these lifetime competitors offer dozens of specific, creative strategies and solutions you can try right now. You’ll find inspiration and guidance to power up your running with the best ways to train, race, recover, avoid injuries, and stay motivated. You’ll tap into the powerful habits and mind-sets formed over 1,000 marathons, hundreds of major race wins, 40 Olympic Games, and dozens of American and world records.

Run Strong, Stay Hungry explores 9 ways any runner can enjoy a lifelong, healthy running career as well as boost enjoyment of running and improve race performance. These keys will not only keep you on your feet, but they will also open up new opportunities and challenges that will keep you engaged with the sport, whether you’re winning races or finishing in the middle of the pack, cranking out 100-mile weeks or squeezing miles into your busy schedule. Beverly busts myths that have held masters runners back and gives direction to help both beginning runners and those who have run for decades.

Get a 20-year head start on obstacle-proofing your racing—or reboot your running career—with this insightful new guide for anyone who loves to run.

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Run Strong, Stay Hungry: 9 Keys to Staying in the Race
Jonathan Beverly
Paperback. 6″ x 9″, 272 pp., $18.95, 9781937715694

Run Strong, Stay Hungry: 9 Keys to Staying in the Race

Jonathan Beverly

Paperback B&w interior with two charts.

Shipping Dimensions: 6in x 9in x .625in 272pp $18.95, Inventory 9781937715694, Shipping 1lbs


1 Why They Stop


Part One: Physiological Principles

2 Consistency: Making running a habit

3 Variety: Mixing things up

4 Training by Feel: Letting go of the watch and schedule

Part Two: Psychological Principles

5 Humility and Hunger: The promise of humble beginnings

6 Adaptability, Part 1: Setting goals

7 Adaptability, Part 2: Flexing with the times

8 Students of the Sport: Knowledge that directs and excites

9 Staying Connected: Nurturing the ties that bind and motivate

10 Hope: The power of optimism

11 Love: It makes the world go ’round

Afterword: Why be a lifetime competitor

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“Sitting down with Run Strong, Stay Hungry is like going for a Sunday long run with multiple generations of running’s wisest and most-experienced. Jonathan Beverly puts you smack in the middle of a wide-ranging discussion on the sport that conveys the passion, mindset, and training methods of lifelong runners. The only disappointment is that the conversation, like a great run, must eventually come to an end.” — Pete Magill, running coach with 19 USA Track & Field National Masters Championships, multiple American and world age-group record holder, and 5-time USA Masters Cross Country Runner of the Year

“In Run Strong, Stay Healthy, Jonathan Beverly interviews dozens of runners who have trained and raced hard through the decades. Their advice is clear, proven, and useful—exactly what all runners are looking for.” — Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon winner, Runner’s World editor at large

“Jonathan Beverly has expertise, knowledge, and love of the sport of distance running. His book, Run Strong, Stay Hungry, is for runners who get that running is not about one race or rival. Running is about you, your path, and your lifetime of running.” — Bill Rodgers, four-time Boston Marathon champion and Olympian

“Running is so challenging it makes you wise. Running is such fun it keeps you young. Jonathan Beverly captures the wisdom and the fun in his masterly distillation of the thoughts of 50 lifelong runners—that’s two thousand years’ experience in one fascinating book.” — Roger Robinson, PhD, author and masters runner

“Jonathan Beverly mines new material in Run Strong, Stay Hungry. He focuses on the heroes of yesterday to learn their secrets—what contributed to their success and, perhaps equally interesting, how they failed and what they learned. A masterful read.” — Hal Higdon, Contributing Editor, Runner’s World

“If you need help getting your aging body out the door, buy Run Strong, Stay Hungry.” — Benji Durden, coach and Olympic marathoner

“Jonathan Beverly’s book, Run Strong, Stay Hungry, is fantastic for runners who want to continue running—and for runners who have been running for decades. I found myself nodding and saying ‘Yes!’ at each chapter.” — Dave Dunham, mountain running champion with over 135,000 lifetime miles

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