Shoulder to Shoulder

Bicycle Racing in the Age of Anquetil


The fabulous style of the freewheeling Sixties is showcased as Jacques Anquetil becomes cycling’s first true superstar.

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With a comb in his pocket, his glamorous blonde wife by his side, and an unyielding will backed by blazing speed, Jacques Anquetil became cycling’s leading ambassador as the sport left behind the post-war era of Fausto Coppi to embrace the promise of the freewheeling sixties.

Shoulder to Shoulder ushers us into the zenith of Anquetil’s career with a fully restored collection of rare and valuable photographs. With the methodical son of Normandy in the lead, cycling’s professional peloton races through Europe’s capital cities and up its mountainous pathways, laying a path to a cosmopolitan era of unlimited possibilities.

Presenting more than 100 brilliant images—most unseen since their original publication in the magazines and newspapers of the day—Shoulder to Shoulder showcases the rise of a generation of cycling superstars whose gutsy riding and easy style founded the modern era of professional bike racing. Great names in these pages include Rik van Looy, Tom Simpson, Raymond Poulidor, Jan Janssen, Miguel Poblet, Rudi Altig, Federico Bahamontes, Jean Stablinski, Gastone Nencini, Jean Graczyk, and many more.

With an appendix of explanatory notes for each photo, a sewn, lay-flat binding, and premium acid-free paper, Shoulder to Shoulder will be an enduring addition to every cycling enthusiast’s library.

Shoulder to Shoulder: Bicycle Racing in the Age of Anquetil
The Horton Collection
Hardcover with full-color interior and 100 photographs.
8″ x 7″, 120 pp., $16.95, 9781937715366

Shoulder to Shoulder: Bicycle Racing in the Age of Anquetil

Hardcover Full-color interior and 100 photographs.

Shipping Dimensions: 8.25in x 7.25in x .63in 120pp $16.95, Inventory 9781937715366, Shipping 1.25lbs
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“Showcasing the rise of a generation of cycling superstars, Shoulder to Shoulder explores the peak years of Jacques Anquetil’s career with a restored collection of rare photographs.” — VeloNews magazine

“The Horton Collection’s lastest masterpiece… is no chronological time lapse of Anquetil’s career and adversaries. The array of photos is more musical, more sweeping. And more shocking… There are moments displayed for which many of us would give an organ to have witnessed first-hand.” — Red Kite Prayer

“Beautifully reproduced images. The photos are wonderfully atmospheric. Enchanting. There are plenty of action shots, again with excellent detail and beautiful composition. An excellent addition what what seems to have become a Horton Collection series.” –

“I have spent several hours in deep reverie, slowly turning the pages of Shoulder to Shoulder…Such a compact, bijou, and ultimately desirable book…Brilliant.” – The Washing Machine Post

“Stunning photography from the era.” – Canadian Cycling magazine

“With a copy of Shoulder to Shoulder in your lap it’s almost like you’ve been invited to The Horton Collection to see their photos without ever leaving your comfy couch and your Campari & soda.” – CycleItalia

Shoulder to Shoulder is a coffee table book around which groups (or bunches) of cycling enthusiasts will gather to drool over black and white photos from the glory days of competitive racing.” —

“These glimpses of cycling in the sixties are welcome, as are the images of the punishing circuits, the mercurial weather, and the crashes that came about as a result of both. But the focus of Shoulder to Shoulder is Anquetil… It all looks impossibly romantic and dashing, which, not coincidentally, was exactly the impression the world was given of Jacques Anquetil.” — Boing Boing

“The wonderful black and white images capture many action-packed race scenes, scenes of suffering, and scenes of celebration. There are lots of bloodied faces and riders slogging over mountain passes completely awash in mud and slush. There are also many candid moments, some of which are downright whimsical… Shoulder to Shoulder is a beautiful collection that any serious cycling fan should check out. Brett and Shelly Horton should really be thanked for preserving so many rare and iconic images and artifacts from cycling’s past, and putting them so lovingly into the hands of bicycle racing fans across multiple generations.” — Retrogrouch