Sport Smoothies

More Than 65 Recipes to Boost Your Workouts & Recovery

By Fern Green


Sport Smoothies offers 60 beautifully illustrated smoothie recipes for athletes to use before and after workouts, to build muscle, or to carbo-load.


Athletes love smoothies because they offer a simple, delicious way to get the nutrients they need. Smoothies are one of the most athlete-friendly drinks. Packing in the nutrients, calories, and hydration that are so essential to athletic performance, smoothies are an athlete-friendly way to fuel the body and recover after workouts.

Sport Smoothies offers more than 60 fully-illustrated smoothie recipes for before and after workouts, for building muscle, and for carb-loading. Athletes can choose the smoothie that best fuels the workout goals of each day—or just pick the flavors they’re in the mood for. Each Sport Smoothie recipe contains a tasty mix of 4–6 healthy ingredients that are easy to find in any grocery store. Combining the unique benefits of a variety of fruits, vegetables, nut butters, and seeds, Sport Smoothies offers up great flavors for athletes to improve their health and recovery.

Try sample smoothie recipes from Sports Smoothies.

Sport Smoothies: More Than 65 Recipes to Boost Your Workouts & Recovery
Fern Green
Paperback with flaps. Four-color interior with 140 photographs throughout.
6 1/8″ x 8 7/16″, 160 pp., $15.95, 9781937715991

Sport Smoothies: More Than 65 Recipes to Boost Your Workouts & Recovery

Fern Green

Paperback with flaps. Four-color interior with 140 photographs throughout.

Shipping Dimensions: 6.125in x 8.4375in x .625in 160pp $15.95, Inventory 9781937715991, Shipping .875lbs


Fueling Your Body for Sport

Pre-Workout Smoothies

Coconut Date

Blue Apple

Papaya Pine

Choc Espresso

Acai Seng

Coco Meal

Figgy Water

Pina Coco Lada

Yo Strawberries

Berry Scoop

Blue Egg

Pear Pro

Green Up

Banana Oat

Match Fit Maca

Beet Out

Chia Tea

Peanut Spice

Post-Workout & Recovery Smoothies

Pom Flax-tastic

Brocco Bana

Chia Charge


Cherry Bomb

Grape Trifecta

Nut Better

Pink Basil

Green Peach


Kale Kiwi Tea


Almond Joy

Raspberry Date

Cacao Delight

Tropical Turmeric

Green Monster

Pollen Berry

Muscle-Building Smoothies

Oat & Tofu

Coco Melon

Magic Mango

Fruity Kale

Papaya Passion

Kiwi Raspberry

Oaty Apple

Caribbean Kick

Green Protein

Loca Mocha

Cranberry Pro

Blue Cashew

Pumpkin Patch

Banana Nut

Super Goji

Pina Spirulina

Peanut Chia

Carb-Loading Smoothies

Peach Carbler

Cacao Flax

Sweet Potato Jive


Almond Load

Branberry Rocket

Back in Black

Nutty Boom

Sweet Tornado


Oat Me Up

Sweet Papaya Poyo

Veggie Beet

Sweet Potana

Buckwheat Bang

Orangey Apricot


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“Turns out, there’s a lot more variety to making smoothies! Sport Smoothies shows this variety of smoothie ingredients through beautiful images of various fruits, vegetables, and nuts you can use to make tasty, energy-boosting smoothies.” — USA Triathlon

“The recipes in Sport Smoothies are great, but by far the best part is the images of every ingredient that goes into every recipe. Gone are the days of throwing random things into a blender and hoping for the best.” Triathlete magazine

Sport Smoothies packs plenty of recipe choices, optimized for the particular type of workout you’re engaging in each day. It offers up plenty of nutritious options for your health and exercise recovery.” Canadian Running Magazine

“With Sport Smoothies, I can confidently match my nutrition to my training plan, increasing my liquid intake beyond plain water, as well as painlessly adding more fruits and veggies to my diet.” — American Trail Running Association

“If you like smoothies, you will love the book Sport Smoothies by Fern Green!” — Hilary Topper, A Triathlete’s Diary

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