Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.

By Monique Ryan


Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes makes high-performance nutrition simple for running, cycling, triathlon, and swimming.

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Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes makes high-performance nutrition simple for running, cycling, triathlon, and swimming. Weighing in at 432 pages, this newly updated third edition is the most comprehensive resource on nutrition from the most experienced and highly qualified nutritionist in endurance sports.

Ryan offers clear answers to the most basic questions in endurance sports nutrition—what should I eat, how much, and when—based on the latest research and experience from her 30-year career advising elite and age-group athletes and pro sports teams. She offers fine-tuning strategies for training and racing, optimal recovery, weight loss, and boosting strength-to-weight ratio. Citing rigorous and reputable studies, Ryan busts myths about ergogenic aids and supplements and offers a dose of reality to practices like fat loading and glycogen-depleted workouts.

Since endurance sports are too different for a “one size fits all” food plan, Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes reveals how runners, cyclists, triathletes, and swimmers should fuel differently to gain real performance advantages in their sports. Even within each sport, optimal nutrition varies with the type and duration of events, so Ryan explains nutrition for short- and long-course triathlon; road, criterium, and mountain bike racing; 10K, half-marathon, and marathon; and sprint and distance swimming.

This complete guide addresses a wide variety of special nutrition considerations for younger and older athletes, diabetics, vegetarians, pregnant women, and those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes also offers six appendixes of reference material including glycemic index, vitamin and mineral glossary, an up-to-date comparison of sports nutrition products, and sample menus.

Smart nutrition can make the difference between a personal record and a lackluster season. Committed athletes and newcomers to endurance sports will both find Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes to be a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to better performance in running, cycling, triathlon, and swimming.

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.:

Monique Ryan

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YOUR DAILY PERFORMANCE DIET: Optimal Nutrition for Training and Health
Chapter 1 Daily Hydration Essentials: Drinking It In
Chapter 2 Energy Nutrients for Optimal Health and Performance: Building a Solid Nutrition Base
Chapter 3 Vitamins, Minerals, and Electrolytes: The Nuts, Bolts, and Spark Plugs of Your Diet

YOUR TRAINING DIET: Fine-Tuning Your Diet for Top Performance
Chapter 4 The Daily Training Diet: Eating for Optimal Recovery
Chapter 5 Food and Fluid Intake for Training and Competition: Timing Is Everything
Chapter 6 Weight, Muscle Building, and Changing Body Composition: Boosting Your Strength-to-Weight Ratio
Chapter 7 Ergogenic Aids: Separating Fact from Fiction

SPORT-SPECIFIC NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES: Putting Your Sports Nutrition Plan into Action
Chapter 8 Nutrition for Triathlon and Other Multisport Events
Chapter 9 Nutrition for Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Track Cycling, and Cyclo-Cross
Chapter 10 Nutrition for Distance Running
Chapter 11 Nutrition for Swimming

Chapter 12 The Athlete with Unique Nutrition Considerations
Chapter 13 Performance Boosts and Problem Solving with Nutrition
Chapter 14 Nutritional Strategies for Extreme Environments

Appendix A Glycemic Index of Foods
Appendix B Glossary of Vitamins and Minerals
Appendix C Comparison of Sports Nutrition Products
Appendix D Creating the Optimal Training Diet
Appendix E Sample Menus
Appendix F Estimating Sweat Loss—Worksheet

Selected Bibliography
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”Ryan demystifies the dietary cosmos, offering easy ways to eat for optimum performance.” — Triathlete magazine

”Working with Monique has taken me to the winning edge in my sport. She has helped guide me to become an Olympian and World Champion in the sport of cycling. Whether you are going for the gold or have other ambitions, we are all up against highly trained and motivated athletes, including ourselves. To find that competitive edge, take the next step by adding the nutritional component to your daily training regime. A great place to start is by reading Monique’s book.” — Kristin Armstrong, U.S. National and World Champion cyclist

”Monique Ryan’s Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes is a must read whatever your competitive goals may be. Monique’s vast knowledge is evident, and this book will serve as a complete source for all your nutritional inquiries. From making optimal food and fluid choices, meal planning and timing, to event specific needs, this book has it all.” — Alan Culpepper, Two-Time U.S. Olympic Runner, Three-Time U.S. Cross Country Champion, Two-Time U.S. 10K Champion, U.S. 5K Champion

”I have always believed that the top Ironman® athletes train very similarly, and that winning or losing comes down to nutrition and mental toughness. I know I would not have won two Ironman World Championships without focusing on my nutrition every day. Monique does a fantastic job covering everything you need to know about daily and racing nutrition. Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes sets the standard for getting you fueled to the finish line.” — Tim DeBoom, Two-Time Ironman World Champion

”In my opinion the weakest link in endurance performance is an athlete’s nutrition. This can be easily corrected, however, with Monique Ryan’s book, Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes. She has demystified how to eat day to day and for the moments that count in a race. She provides information is an incredibly clear and adaptable way so that athletes of all levels will be able to fine tune their diet and finally perform at their top level. I wish this book had been written during my career!” — Mark Allen, Six-Time Ironman World Champion

”Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes is a comprehensive nutritional guide in which Monique Ryan provides valuable information that helps athletes maintain their energy levels and maximize their ability to perform in endurance events. Her book specifies nutritional requirements for different sports and disciplines within each sport. The cycling chapter offers race day specific advice for cyclists in all events—road, off-road, and cyclo-cross.” — Dede Demet Barry, 2004 Olympic Time Trial Silver Medalist, former U.S. National Criterium and Road Race Champion, Six-Time U.S. National Championship Medalist