The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship


A comprehensive guide to improving their chances for sponsorship.

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Both professional and up-and-coming athletes can rely on The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship for a comprehensive guide to improving their chances for sponsorship. Step-by-step instruction will help any athlete, team, or sporting event planner who is pursuing sponsorship to:

  • Target potential corporate sponsors
  • Write professional proposals
  • Negotiate smart deals
  • Maintain a professional attitude

Authors Jennifer Drury, attorney and president of JED Sports Management, and Cheri Elliott, internationally known cycling champion, offer easy-to-follow worksheets and sample contracts.

Paperback. B&w photos throughout.
6″ x 9″, 160 pp., $16.95, 9781884737787



Defining Sponsorship

The STEP-by-STEP Process
Determine Objectives
Make a Contacst List and Do the Research
Establish a Budget
Developing Your Sponsorship Proposal
Send the Proposal
Follow Up
Send a Thank-You Letter and Keep Your Sponsors Informed

What Can You Offer a Sponsor?
The Dos and Don’ts of Sponsorship
Negotiating Your Deal
The Confusing World of Contracts
Alternatives to Sponsorship
Who Needs a Manager?
Marketing a Sports Team
Marketing a Sporting Event
Dealing with the Media and Other Self-Promotions

Budget Worksheets for Athletes
Resume Worksheet
Sample Resumes
Sample Cover Letter
Sample Follow-Up and Thank You Letters
Competition-Venue Schedule Worksheet
Proposal Record Sheet
Sample Newsletter
Budget Worksheets for Teams/Events
Sample Business Management Agreement
Sample Sponsorship Agreement
Media Network Worksheet
Press Release Worksheet and Sample Press Release

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